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Got Week 5 Fantasy Questions? Ask Dan Now!

It's time to ask Dan Ciarrocchi your fantasy football questions so he can answer them in the Week 5 edition of Dan's Sack, which will be posted Thursday morning.

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One more day until the Rams square off agains the Cardinals, which means it's time for you fantasy owners to start setting your lineups. O.K., maybe it really just means that Larry Fitzgerald, Ryan Williams and Stephen Jackson owners need to set their lineups and no one else.

But still! There are teams with bye weeks aplenty this week , and some serious reconstruction will have to be done with guys like Darren McFadden, Calvin Johnson, Demarco Murray and Matthew Stafford sitting out this week. If you would like any input with starts and sits, waiver wire adds or trades, just leave your questions in the comments section or reach me on Twitter and I'll answer as many as possible in Thursday morning's edition of Dan's Sack.

Fire away.