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Monday Morning Meltdown: Stillers Edition

Wow that really was a meltdown....

Justin K. Aller

It's been kind of a weird/eerie weekend on the East Coast as Hurricane Sandy approaches. It seemed no different yesterday in Pittsburgh as the rain was falling from a different storm (sorry Brian Billick), the Steelers were wearing the ugliest jerseys ever, and the Redskins were getting their butts kicked. Basically, yesterday was a comedy of errors from the receiving corps to our embarrassingly bad defense.

Many people, including Mike Shanahan, pointed at our defense in the preseason as a strength for a young quarterback. So what happened? Wait...wait...wait... before we get to that, lets touch on DeAngelo Hall. We all know how I feel about him. DHall should expect a heavy fine from Roger Goodell, beyond that I think Mike Shanahan needs to take a stand and suspend Hall for at least a half on Sunday. What he did was an utter embarrassment to the organization. We can all agree that we're building for the future here in Washington, but I also hope we can all agree that DHall is not a part of that future. I'd rather see young corners brought in to audition for the future than to go through another half of a season of MeAngelo.

Ok, so back to the defense in general. Jim Haslett is far from a popular man in the District. Many have hinted at firing the coordinator sooner rather than later, including Rick Snider today. My only problem is, everyone points at firing him now (work well for the Eagles yesterday), but no one offers a solution on who replaces him long term. Raheem Morris is the first name you usually hear. But isn't he the secondary coach? A secondary that is god awful! Also, Morris has never been a coordinator of any sort in this league before. From a coaching standpoint, wouldn't it make more sense for the Skins to ride this baby out and then re-evaluate at the end of the season? The crop will be richer with guys like Ron Rivera in the offseason.