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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Is that our pass defense or Hurricane Sandy's high winds? One thing is for certain: Something blows.

Joe Sargent

I am rushing to get this out before I lose my power today. Forgive the shortness--I know how much you look forward to 1,000+ words on our losses.

1. I trust you have all seen the Volkswagen sedan commercial where the guy behind the wheel rocks an air drum solo to the Rush song "Fly By Night" as it blasts through his car's speakers. Late in the commercial, in my favorite part, he throws one of his fake drumsticks in the air...and catches it to complete the awesome performance. I assume no Redskins receivers were considered for the role because I am not sure they would have made that catch.

2. The Steelers had no problem making catches. Heath Miller's snag in the back of the end zone for a second quarter touchdown was no easy catch. I suppose one could argue that they are more used to their own home field conditions, but their home field is only four hours away from ours and very much in the same weather region. The fact of the matter is that a position group that has played at a very professional level thus far in 2012 failed to show up in Pittsburgh.

3. The drops were inexcusable, but you can't pin the loss completely on the wide receivers. That would be unfairly excluding our pass defense from some credit they have worked hard to earn. I guess the difference is that we have come to expect our pass defense to give it up like they did yesterday. Watching Santana Moss drop balls that he has made a career of catching was extremely shocking. Watching Leonard Hankerson drop a sure touchdown was not the kind of thing that inspires visions of an All-Pro career.

4. On that play early in the game when the Redskins had the ball inside the ten-yard line and Robert Griffin III ran a draw with an empty backfield, it seemed like every offensive lineman got a push up the field except for one. It was as if someone said, "Everyone who wants Robert Griffin to score on this play take two steps forward. Not so fast Chris Chester."

5. Yesterday's game was by far the least fun to watch of any game so far this season, as one of my friends told me. We weren't really in it from early on and what's worse, we were very much responsible for our inability to stay with Pittsburgh. On offense, we did not do enough to support our rookie quarterback to keep within shooting distance of the Steelers. On defense, we continued to allow the opposing quarterback to work under little pressure and complete pass after pass. I guess the one thing that stood out as troubling (or continues to stand out as troubling) is the emotional instability of DeAngelo Hall on the field. I know he likes to chat it up with opposing players and I really have no problem with that, but when he went after the ref yesterday, I was a little shocked. You have to be able to keep your cool on the field and he seems to really be coming unraveled out there.

6. Everyone stay safe during this storm. In addition to wishing you all the best, I am hopeful that we have power back by the time next week's home game arrives. The last time I tailgated during a power outage, I ended up spending an unexpectedly large fortune on frozen vegetables in an effort to keep my beer cold. Always check the price first...always check the price first.