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Redskins Receivers Have Hands of Steel in 27-12 Loss

Redskins WRs have 10 drops to fuel a stagnant offense and a defense that couldn't stop a fruit fly.

Justin K. Aller

I got a text from my friend in Pittsburgh two weeks ago, "Come to the Skins game. Free ticket and place to stay." If he had texted me that pre-season, I would have booked my flight or bus immediately, but with how bad this defense has been, I don't need to burn 8 hours of commuting to that town to be disappointed in a new way I haven't experienced yet. What I, we, didn't expect was the Redskins to completely lay an egg this week.

  • The defense gave up points on the Steelers' first four drives.
  • Redskins had 10 drops. I mean, a co-ed Pop Warner team only averages 8 drops.
  • Steelers won time of possession by 6 and half minutes.
  • Redskins had 7 penalties for 55 yards, including DHall's ejection.
  • Redskins had the 7th best rushing defense entering the game. They gave up 5.2 yards a carry for 140 yards.
  • RGIII was hung to dry today. Kudos to him and Alfred Morris for great games.
  • I can't explain how frustrating it is to see an extra point get blocked, and then on the Steelers' next TD, the Redskins don't even try to rush.
  • Logan Paulsen has no athletic ability after the catch. He's a great fill in, but the Redskins cannot compete the rest of the season with him as a "weapon."
So, at 3-5...clearly the next Redskins means everything. They either enter their BYE week 3-6 or 4-5.