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Daily Slop: Garcon Hoping to Avoid Surgery; Can RG3 Break the Steelers' Dominance Over Rookie QB's?



Redskins’ Garcon hoping to avoid surgery |
Receiver Pierre Garcon didn’t learn anything new in his doctor’s visit Wednesday. But he did receive an official diagnosis, with doctors telling him it’s a lateral ligament tear of the Plantar Plate. What no one still knows is when he’ll return.

Redskins’ Fletcher misses practice |
Redskins linebacker London Fletcher did not attend practice as doctors continued testing him to determine the source of his balance issues. Coach Mike Shanahan said Fletcher, who already had spent six to seven hours with the doctors, was still being evaluated. The team would not know the results of those tests until Thursday night. Shanahan said he doesn’t know if Fletcher suffered a concussion, adding that the tests will determine whether or not that was the case.

London Fletcher’s 231 Consecutive Game Streak in Jeopardy " CBS DC
London Fletcher’s 15-season, never-missed-a-game streak appears in jeopardy due to a sore hamstring and a balance problem that had him scheduled to see a pair of doctors.

Robert Griffin III’s Rookie Season Better Than NFL Elite Quarterbacks " CBS DC
"I was very fortunate," Roethlisberger said. "I played on a very good team. I just had to go out and try and just win games and didn’t have to try to put up big numbers. It was just trying not to do too much."

Washington Redskins Keys to the Game: Week 8 | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
The Washington Redskins have done a nice job running effectively against strong rushing defenses this year, but could face a tougher challenge this week. Not only are the Steelers ranked 9th in rushing yards allowed, but they have a long history of being stingy against the run

death, taxes and london fletcher | Damn it feels good to be a homer.
"I’m not a betting man, but I think he’ll be out there," said quarterback Robert Griffin III. It’s understandable Griffin would feel that way. After all, the last time Fletcher missed a game, RGIII was just eight years old.

The Redskins Blog | Long Snapper Sundberg Practicing Again
"I snapped Tuesday and Wednesday and it went really well," Sundberg told ESPN 980. "The only thing that was kind of bothering me was my arm was extremely sore today [Thursday]. So I took today off of snapping and I’ll go out there [Friday] and see how it is." Sundberg said snapping repetitions are important to recovering as quickly as possible. "The only thing that’s going to get it better is to actually get out there and do it more," he said. "So I’m just trying to do what I can in the training room and make sure that I’m getting my wrist stretched and work on the mobility in my wrist and my forearm and things like that so I can try to get back as soon as possible."

The Redskins Blog | Series History: Redskins-Steelers
The Redskins are 42-31-3 all-time in combined regular-season and postseason games vs. the Steelers.

Steelers defensive player to watch: OLB James Harrison
How he beats you: Big, strong and athletic, the 6-foot, 242-pound Harrison is known as one of the fiercest hitters in the league. He attacks passers and ball carriers with a vengeance. Last season he recorded 59 tackles, nine sacks and two forced fumbles in 11 games. The year before, he recorded 100 tackles and 10.5 sacks in 16 games. Harrison missed the first four games of this season with injury and has just one sack in three games, but he remains a tough assignment.

If you could pilfer one NFL player for the Redskins this Sunday, who would it be?
When you’ve seen enough games to identify a team’s weaknesses, the natural inclination is to want upgrades. Midseason, though, there aren’t really any available — if only it were that easy. Talking free agency and the draft when there’s a game this Sunday seems a little backwards. What if you could solve the Redskins’ deficiencies though? What would you do? If you could take one player from any NFL team and put him on the Redskins for Sunday’s game, who would you take?

Chris Cooley hoped to get free beer in contract with Redskins | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
"I've had so many people text, 'How'd the physical go?' Literally, you go into the training room, and the doctor's like 'How are you feeling, man? Good? Good. Okay, you passed.'," Cooley told "The Junkies" on 106.7 The Fan via Sarah Kogod of DC Sports Bog. "I think it might be different if I went to another team, or somewhere where they don't know me. The doctor that did it is the doctor that did my knee surgery before. I mean, he knows me. So it's not up in the air. I'm healthy. My knees not swollen; I'm not overweight. I'm sure if I was a fat slob when I walked in there yesterday, someone would be like, 'Hey, let's run a little bit.' But I'm in good shape right now. "Literally, I have text correspondence trying to negotiate a case of beer into my contract. They wouldn't do it. I wanted it in writing so much."

Redskins Music: 21 Salute by Black Boo Week 8
Black Boo's Week 8 Redskins song "21 Salute"--->HTTR!!!

Redskins, Seahawks most play-action-heavy teams -
Pro Football Focus ranked play-action usage amongst quarterbacks and how their completion percentage changed. Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III leads the NFL by using play action 37.4 percent of the time. The Redskins have the No. 1 run offense in the league as defenses must account for Griffin as a rusher.

Need to Know: No drop-off at tight end for the Redskins? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Paulsen, who came into the game with just one catch on the season, caught four passes for 76 yards. He was on the receiving end of the pass that Robert Griffin III fired at the end of his astounding fourth-down scramble. Against the Bengals, Davis caught 7 passes for 90 yards. In the six full games that he played, that was the only time he had more than for catches or more than 76 yards in a game. This doesn’t mean that the team will not miss a beat without Davis. But unlike last year when the tight end position became a black hole after he went out, there appears to be a chance that the Redskins can continue to utilize the tight end position to gain yardage in the passing game.

Need to Know: It's going to be ugly on Sunday - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
They are a throwback to 1933, when the Steelers were the Pirates. There really isn’t too much more to say other than that Larry Michael was relieved when I told him that there were white boxes around the black numbers, providing contrast so that he will have a chance of seeing the numbers from the radio booth.

Can RG3 break the Steelers' dominance over rookie QB's? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
He started his current tour of duty in Pittsburgh in 2004 and in that time his defense has faced a starting rookie quarterback 14 times. It has not been pretty for those quarterbacks. Pittsburgh is 13-1 in those games. The only true rookie quarterback with a win over the Steelers since 2004 came at the hands of Troy Smith in the 2007 season finale. And even that game should have an asterisk as Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, and Troy Polamalu were among Steelers starters who sat out the game, as it was the season finale and the Steelers were locked into their playoff position.

Behind Redskins' scoring ability is a mighty fine line - Washington Times
"There are a number of people that were worried about our offensive line," Shanahan said last week. " The offensive line is a group of people working together as a unit that give you a chance to be successful. Everybody’s got a piece of the puzzle — your offensive line, your tight end, your quarterback, your wide receivers. That’s why we’re very successful right now, because we have a group of people all going in the same direction. They know the system, they know each other, they’ve been fairly healthy there. They’re working together."

Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett on the Redskins' secondary: "We'll get all that fixed." - Washington Times
We’re running the same thing. We gave up 222 yards a game in the passing game last year. I think we were like 10th or 11th. We’re giving up 328 right now, which is crazy. You add those two or three plays every game, you get 100 yards. It hasn’t been anything with coaching. It’s the same scheme. It’s the same players. We’ve just got to execute better."

Redskins and Steelers are familiar with the other's 3-4 defense - Washington Times
"I’d say that’s what Washington does so well is the confusion factor," Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said via teleconference Wednesday. "They try and really throw you off and mix it up. The only good thing about that is I have to see it every day – from training camp when we’re playing the Steelers defense. Hopefully, that will help us a little bit compared to if we never saw that at all."

Ranking the NFL teams by watchability - Grantland
1. Redskins … Robert Griffin III, who is the most exhilarating football experience since Michael Vick emerged on the scene in 2002. And RG3's numbers blow Vick's away. Keep in mind that Griffin leads the league in completion percentage (70.8 percent) and yards per attempt (8.5) with Leonard Hankerson and Josh Morgan as his starting wideouts, and that doesn't even consider his value as a runner.