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Charley Casserly on How the Redskins Can Continue Building in 2013

With no first round pick in 2013 and the cap penalty still in effect, how can the Redskins fill the many holes they have? Charley Casserly answers that question.

The Redskins' season (barring injuries) is going about how we expected record-wise. RGIII has certainly excelled, but it's clear the Redskins have many holes to fill in 2013. This team is not that far from being a legit contender, but I seriously lose sleep asking any one who will listen to tell me how Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan can fix the secondary (FS, SS, CB) and add depth at LB, DL, RB with the Redskins having no first round pick next year and cap penalty.

Thankfully, our friend at CSN Washington, Jennifer Williams, saw our tweet and passed it on to Charley Casserly to answer. He provided a positive solution, which does give me enough hope to stop crying myself to least until the BYE week. I'll certainly have more on this topic when I can crunch some cap numbers.