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Daily Slop: Redskins Have To Establish Ground Game In Pittsburgh; RG3 Isn’t Even Close to Reaching his Potential

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Redskins Practice Update: London’s Streak In Jeopardy " CBS DC
Fletcher, who left last game with a mild hamstring strain, missed practice today because his "hamstring is still sore" but is also having a problem with his balance and is seeing a neurologist today.

Audio: Redskins Players All Smiles as Chris Cooley Returns " CBS DC
"I woke up like a little kid," Cooley said jokingly. "Mike Wise took me to work today, he packed me a lunch, so thanks Mike." Cooley had a big smile on his face and said he still doesn’t know what his role will be for Sunday, but is ready to help in any way he can. "This is the way I would’ve hoped anything could’ve played out, at least for my career," Cooley said. "So, I’m thrilled to be here."

perry riley: like father, like son | Damn it feels good to be a homer.
That’s probably because his father, Perry Riley Sr., was an experienced football player as well. "He was a huge football fan and he played college ball in Virginia," Riley said. "I can remember watching football with him and learning the game in my living room. Once I started playing, I was actually pretty good at it. People couldn’t really tackle me and I was pretty good at tackling other people, so I stuck with it."

'Skins Have To Establish Ground Game In Pittsburgh | NBC4 Washington
Shanahan, meanwhile, is looking forward to the challenge. "To me, it's a great place to play because the fans are into it," he told "It's just a great atmosphere, I've been there a number of times. It's always a game -- I can't say you look forward to -- you know how good they are consistently and it's tough to beat them there -- but to me it's what football is all about." If things go according to plan, this could be the game we point to as the turning point in the 2012 season.

POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Analyzing the Redskins Roster | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
Since we are close to mid-season point, I wanted to debate where some individual players on the Redskins stood. Are there any players who have played at a Pro Bowl level so far? Are there players who should be off the team or vanished to the bench?

Redskins CBs explain Giants’ TD, defend scheme |
A few things from talking to corners Josh Wilson and DeAngelo Hall, about the 77-yard touchdown pass to Victor Cruz last Sunday; about the scheme and about why Wilson didn’t jam Cruz on the play (he rarely did throughout the game).

Keiland Williams had a feeling he’d be back with the Redskins
"I kind of always felt like I left here on good terms and was very respectful to anyone," Williams said. "So I felt like if I was ever in that situation where I got cut again, that the Redskins would come and get me, and I told that to a lot of my family and friends, and so it was good to see it happen." Williams added: "No one wants to go through the process of being cut or traded or anything, but you know if you do, you’d rather go back to where you started. I’m thankful for that."

Redskins vs. Steelers: Five areas to monitor ahead of Sunday’s game
The need for someone to step up on the receiving unit already existed, but even more pressure is now placed on the shoulders of Leonard Hankerson, Josh Morgan, Aldrick Robinson, Brandon Banks and Dezmon Briscoe. Davis’s injury robbed the Redskins of their only remaining explosive playmaker, and their best threat in the mid-range passing game

Luck vs. Griffin, a Statistical Comparison -
Only two rookies in professional football history have ever led the league in both completion percentage and yards per attempt. The first was another Redskin, Sammy Baugh, in 1937; the last was Greg Cook, in the American Football League in 1969 (his career was ruined by a shoulder injury that year).

DALY: Redskins' offense thriving thanks to diversity - Washington Times
The numbers bear this out. In their first seven games last season, the Redskins passed 250 times and ran 171. In other words, they were 59.4 percent pass. Through seven games this year, they’ve passed 198 and run 250, making them 53.6 percent run. That’s a pretty big swing from one season to the next. And it’s mostly attributable to Griffin, who has 64 rushing attempts — some planned, some unplanned. (Rex Grossman and John Beck had 17 in the same stretch in 2011.)

Robert Griffin III feels no added pressure as defensive woes, offensive injuries mount - The Washington Post
Griffin insists that he doesn’t feel additional pressure given the state of his 3-4 team. He said he’ll attack the Steelers with the same balance of aggression and patience he has strived for in each game. "I don’t feel that burden," Griffin said Wednesday. "The guys have come to me numerous times and told me, don’t feel like I have to do more than what I’m doing right now. I just go out there and continue to execute the offense, do what the coaches say, and everyone will step up.

Santana Moss Is The New 4th & Pain Champion, Wins WWE Title | 4th & Pain: The only pro wrestling show hosted by and NFL player and a Weight Loss Champion

Stephen A. Smith calls Michael Wilbon a D.C. homer
At some point, Smith accused Wilbon and Kornheiser of being "Washington homers" and "D.C. homers" — which is sort of noteworthy, in that the same professional parasite mentioned above recently got way too much attention for suggesting that Wilbon was, in fact, the opposite of a Washington homer. What some would call a "D.C. hater," in the modern parlance.

Pierre Garcon still week-to-week after being diagnosed with a plantar plate tear - Washington Times
A foot specialist diagnosed receiver Pierre Garcon with a plantar plate tear in his right foot Wednesday, a source said. His status will continue to be determined on a weekly basis The plantar plate is a soft tissue structure that connects the base of the toe and the metatarsal, the long bone that goes to the toe. It cushions the bottom of the metatarsal head, which is why the tear causes Garcon significant pain when he pushes off and sprints.

Robert Griffin III isn’t even close to reaching his potential - The Washington Post
And no quarterback is having a bigger impact on his team’s fortunes. The shaky Redskins might be winless without Griffin, whose performance has, for the most part, masked their deficiencies along the offensive line and in the passing game. (Though not even Griffin could cover up for the Redskins’ porous secondary.)