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Got Fantasy Football Questions for Week 8? Ask Dan Now!

Dan Ciarrocchi of Pro Football Focus and Hogs Haven will answer your fantasy football questions in "Dan's Sack," his fantasy football mailbag which will be posted on Thursday.


This week, my goal this week is to make you more like me. I won’t go too far, so don’t worry. I won’t expect you to adopt my obsession with 90’s alt-rock or blow a few hundred on an American Fender Telecaster like I did recently (zero regrets).

Given that I write fantasy football advice columns, I’m obviously referring to my fantasy team. We all know bye weeks suck, but there are still lots of ways you can avoid a loss. Case in point, I still won my matchup last week in the Hogs Haven A-League with Vick Ballard and James Casey as my starting running backs. So it will take resourcefulness and some cunning to compensate for that, and despite those being two qualities I do not possess whatsoever, I’m willing to at least fake it.

So post your questions in the comments section, or reach me on Twitter @PFF_Dan. I’ll post as many responses I can in Thursday’s Week 8 edition of “Dan’s Sack.”