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Can the Redskins Slow Down the Steelers?

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Before the season started Steve Shoup picked the Pittsburgh Steelers to make it back to the Super Bowl this season. In response I told Steve that I frankly don't think the Steelers are any good anymore and they won't make the playoffs. Here we are now, week 8 and Pittsburgh is sitting at 3-3.

I'm sure many of us agree that the Steelers don't strike fear into opposing fans any more. Their defense is elderly and there has been a slew of injuries. One thing the Steelers still have though is Ben Roethlisberger and his ability to extend plays. Roethlisberger is having another stellar season as his QB rating is almost up to 100, he has 11 touchdowns to just 3 interceptions, he's completing over 66 percent of his passes, and he's averaging a career high for yards per game at 294 yards per.

So what can the Redskins do to slow down Roethlisberger and his dangerous receivers Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, and Emmanuel Sanders? The Redskins secondary has trouble defending the pass for two seconds much less the time Roethlisberger will have when he extends the play with his legs. Obviously pressure from the front seven is key, but what other strategies would you consider employing to assure that Big Ben doesn't beat us with his legs? Should a spy be employed? Should DeAngelo Hall be permanently placed at safety?

If you're Jim Haslett what are you doing to slow down the Steelers offense?