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Daily Slop: Redskins Announce Richmond Training Camp Site; Chris Cooley Believes he can Step in and Contribute Quickly



Five Observations from Redskins Loss to Giants | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
1. Robert Griffin III and Kyle Shanahan are working well together. Griffin every week is getting more and more national praise, which now includes President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

Redskins quick hitters: Garcon update |
Shanahan would not confirm reports that receiver Pierre Garcon tore a tendon in his right foot, causing the pain and preventing him from playing. "I keep saying we’ll evaluate him. He wasn’t good enough to play. If you’re not good enough to play, that means there’s a lot of pain in there. We’re not pushing him right now. He’s not running routes, he’s getting treatment. Hopefully by him staying off it for a week it’s much improved."

Mike Shanahan’s Monday Press Conference " CBS DC
Shanahan says he called Cooley last night when they landed back in DC and asked if he was in shape and Cooley said he was. He also hopes Cooley can help them as early as this week. In the not so good news, Shanahan said Fred Davis "ruptured his Achilles" and will have surgery tomorrow. Shanahan added that it’s a five-to-six month recovery.

Junkies: Logan Paulsen Steps Up After Davis’ Injury " CBS DC
"I didn’t realized how spectacular that play was until I got home…only two or three guys could make a play like that," Paulsen said. "That was really fantastic on his part. All I had to do was catch the ball."

Redskins Announce Richmond Training Camp Site | NBC4 Washington
Property behind the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond will be transformed into the site of Washington Redskins training camp starting next summer, the city announced Monday.

The Redskins Blog | Peter King: Redskins Will Win More Titles
"Watching this game, I kept thinking how glad I was that Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen paid whatever it is they paid to deal for Griffin," King wrote. "And whatever it is, it’ll be worth it. He’s one of the great, special players to come into the league in the 29 seasons I’ve covered it. No play’s ever over. Though he’s running for his well-being on 10 or 12 plays a game, he still leads the NFL after seven games of his rookie year with a 70.4 percent completion rate. Once he gets the kind of protection Shanahan and Allen will build for him, he’ll be better, and the Redskins will be competing for championships. That’s right — plural."

Perk up, and think positive Redskins thoughts
If this was to be a season of growth, the offense is ahead of schedule: Of course this season was about bringing Robert Griffin III into the fold and getting him acclimated to the NFL. Safe to say that that is not only going great, but the Redskins have found a running back as well, in Alfred Morris. Despite not having Pierre Garcon at 100 percent and now losing Fred Davis, the Redskins are fourth in the league in points — only last year’s two Super Bowl teams, the Giants and Patriots, and the Texans score more.

London Fletcher nursing hamstring strain, status unclear until Wednesday

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said Monday that linebacker London Fletcher, the team’s captain, is nursing a strained hamstring and the Redskins won’t know about his playing status until later this week.

Chris Cooley believes he can step in and contribute quickly

"I’m excited. I was disappointed for Fred [Davis] and the way that that happened, the type of year he was having and the player that he is. I think it’s not opportune for him. But I’m excited to be a part of this team," Cooley said Monday afternoon. "It’s been unreal watching them come together as an offense and not be there. But it’s a good opportunity for me to come in, and I think it’ll be a lot of fun for me."

Need to Know: Tight end by committee? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

After Davis went out, Paulsen’s role increased and he played nearly every snap after that. With Chris Cooley entering the mix in place of Davis, how much will change? Once he gets into game shape will Cooley end up playing most of the game while Paulsen and Paul continue in roles similar to those they had before? Or will the deck be shuffled? It’s possible that even Mike and Kyle Shanahan don’t know the answer to that yet. It may have to be sorted out on the field, both in practice and over the next few games.

Big plays against Redskins come at an alarming rate - Washington Times

Two interceptions, one sack, several hits against quarterback Eli Manning and only 260 passing yards allowed on Manning’s first 39 attempts. The performance seemed masterful, like an ornately-carved jack-o-lantern this time of year. But it turned out Manning and receiver Victor Cruz were the rowdy teenagers who smashed that pumpkin in the street.

DALY: No quick fix for Redskins' dreadful secondary - Washington Times

In the Washington Redskins‘ locker room late Sunday afternoon, amid the dazed looks and downcast eyes, Barry Cofield said something interesting: "We get to finger-pointing this early in the season, it can be a disaster."

| 4th & Pain: The only pro wrestling show hosted by and NFL player and a Weight Loss Champion

The Washington Redskins lost a heartbreaker and Fred Davis Sunday in the Meadowlands. Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll go over the game before turning their attention to wrestling. Who would win: Hulk Hogan in his prime or Ryan Kerrigan? Plus, Top 5 favorite wrestlers of all-time!

Wilbon: RGIII is best player in the NFL

"I think – and you have to win, they’re gonna have to go no worse than 9-7 and probably 10-6 – I think RGIII’s the best player in the league," Wilbon said Monday morning on Tony Kornheiser’s ESPN 980 program. "I don’t mean best rookie. I think he’s the MVP. "Because they can win any game, the Redskins now, because of him," Wilbon continued. "Any game. They can beat anybody. Don’t tell me they can’t beat Houston. Now, they could also lose, because of what happened at the end of the game. And we’ve seen that. He’s put them in position, he’s won two games and the defense couldn’t come up with a save, if you will.

Redskins fans lash out at Joe Gibbs for Cowboys speech

Sunday’s news that Joe Gibbs spoke to the Cowboys on Saturday evening in Charlotte led to a level of outrage normally reserved for, I don’t know, national emergencies. Personal betrayals. Last-second gambling losses.