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Jason Pierre-Paul: "Don't Bring It To my Side" then Gets Leveled

"Don't bring it to my side," Pierre-Paul said before the game. "Go the other way." Here's two gifs of him stinking it up...on his side.

Rafael Suanes-US PRESSWIRE

Leading up to the Redskins game, the NY Daily News reported Jason Pierre-Paul wasn't too impressed with RGIII:

Jason Pierre-Paul has seen the speed of Robert Griffin III and he knows the Redskins quarterback will try to run on the Giants' defense on Sunday. But JPP has a warning for RGIII.

"Don't bring it to my side," Pierre-Paul said. "Go the other way."

Not that Pierre-Paul expects Griffin to have much success going in the other direction either, now that the Giants' defense has rediscovered its confidence after its dominant performance in San Francisco last Sunday

Oh, really. Let's see how JPP did on this first quarter scramble by Robert Griffin III. Meet Trent Williams:


Here we have JPP in the 2nd quarter...


And here's video of RGIII faking JPP out from the other side for a 25+ yard scramble...

Oh...and on that huge 4th and 10 play with 2 minutes left in the game....RGIII jukes JPP out of his jock and Trent Williams lays a nice hit on Osi.

Then of course, towards the end of the game, JPP got the sack and went Gangham Style on us. But, I have a feeling JPP won't be as confident talking ish before the next game.

I don't even see JPP on this play, but man...what amazing blocking and even better touch on this throw: