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Daily Slop: Redskins Media Links Roundup



Giants 27, Redskins 23: Ten Observations |
Let’s go right to the 77-yard touchdown pass. The knee-jerk reaction, clearly, is to blame defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. If you want to knock his schemes and the lack of pressure, go right ahead. If you want to question adjustments, go ahead. But it’s awfully difficult to blame him for the coverage mishap on this play.

Redskins Fall To Giants Postgame Audio: Shanahan, Moss & Many More! " CBS DC
"He was double-covered," Redskins safety Madieu Williams said on the play. "He was able to make a play. They had something dialed up and they did a great job executing."

Redskins-Giants Winners & Losers | Mr. Irrelevant, a D.C. Sports Blog by the Brothers Mottram
Alfred Morris — Finally fumbled, on the 132nd carry of his NFL career, but also went for 120 yards on 22 carries and garnered comparisons to John Riggins from Joe Theismann. FroMo, man, he’s a modern-day Riggo.

Chris Cooley agrees to rejoin Redskins in wake of Fred Davis injury
Veteran tight end Chris Cooley has agreed to rejoin the Washington Redskins, a person familiar with the situation said Sunday night. Cooley is scheduled to undergo a physical Monday and his re-signing will become official after that, the person said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the team had made no official announcement. "It’s going to happen," the person said. Cooley rejoins the Redskins after tight end Fred Davis’s season was ended when he suffered a torn left Achilles’ tendon during Sunday’s loss to the New York Giants.

Giants sing Robert Griffin III’s praises
Giants coach Tom Coughlin said, "He looks like the fastest guy on tape and he’s certainly the fastest guy on the field. When he pulls the ball down, when you break down contain and he goes outside, you are just praying someone is going to run him out of bounds."

So this is odd: Joe Gibbs fired up the Cowboys with a pregame speech | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
"If Joe Gibbs can screw it up," several Cowboy players apparently told Jones, "anybody can screw it up," which doesn't exactly seem like the best way to defend yourself to the guy who signs your checks. Regardless, something may have sunk in; the Cowboys beat the Panthers 19-14 in a game that included some late-game heroics by quarterback Tony Romo et. al. And clock management was not an issue, at least not for the Cowboys. Joe Gibbs motivating the Cowboys. Somewhere, the Hogs are weeping.

Eli Manning shows RG3 how it's done - NFC East Blog - ESPN
"I'm pretty mad at the football gods for putting him in the NFC East," the New York Giants' star defensive end said after his first game against the Washington Redskins' electric rookie quarterback. "To face that guy twice a year is definitely going to be a headache. He takes away from your enthusiasm for the game a little bit.

Eli does what he does ... and what RG3 will be doing for a long time - NFL - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy
If a great magician could run a 4.3 40-yard dash and throw a football on a rope at light speed, this is what he would look like. The Redskins wisely have crafted an offense around Griffin's abilities rather than force-feed him into a pedestrian NFL system. The result is Washington uses disguised pitches, cutesy handoffs and reverses like trick pulleys and levers that both take advantage of Griffin's multifaceted skill set while also totally bamboozling a defense.

RG3 not playing like a rookie - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
-Robert Griffin III was walking the assembled media through his 30-yard touchdown pass to Santana Moss that put the Redskins ahead of the Giants with1:32 left to play. "I saw one high safety, the safety rolled the other way and I’ve got Santana Moss one on one on a rookie," said Griffin. Realizing what he had just said, the rookie quarterback said, "I’m a rookie myself—" he said to laughter in the room. "But you’ve got to take advantage of that."

Fan at Redskins-Giants game injured after falling from MetLife Stadium escalator - Washington Times
Sgt. Adam Grossman says the 42-year-old man was leaving the stadium in East Rutherford on Sunday at around 4 p.m. when he fell over the side of the escalator. It’s not clear what caused him to fall. Grossman says the man fell about 21 feet and landed on a metal stage

Alfred Morris runs for 120 yards, but fumble sticks out - Washington Times
"Having a dual-threat quarterback back in the backfield definitely helps me. They can’t just key on me alone," Morris said. "So it’s definitely a perfect marriage between both of us. We continue to perform good from the backfield … it can make it tough on defenses to stop us."

Redskins' comeback thwarted by blown coverage, then fumble - Washington Times
Leave it to Rex Grossman, that steadfast source of veteran-quarterbacking wisdom, to crystallize it for him. Life in the NFL, Grossman told him, includes wins when you should have lost and losses in games you believe you should have won. "This," Griffin said, "is a game that we should have won."

Robert Griffin III vs. Eli Manning: The start of something big - The Washington Post
If you live in the NFC East you better beat the one-man band that is Robert Griffin III now, because it’s your last chance. One day soon, maybe sooner than soon, the kid will get a little more around him, erase the last of his occasional youthful misjudgments and be unstoppable. That was the message to take from the New York Giants’ 27-23 victory over the Washington Redskins: The Redskins’ rivals better enjoy it now, because there is an absolute wolf at their door.

Washington Redskins Week 7 Post Game Thoughts | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
Morris ran hard all day and racked up 120 yards on 22 carries (5.5 ypc). He did a great job hitting the hole and picking up extra yards after contract. You saw that even on plays where the Giants knew Morris was getting the ball he was able to pick up positive gains.

Redskins lose but a new day dawns in the (NFC) East - The Washington Post
The Redskins, though, still have Griffin. And yet again Sunday he showed that, given time, he can make the impossible seem possible. Griffin passed for 258 yards (he had a sparkling passer rating of 108.9) and two touchdowns with one interception and one fumble. He rushed for 89 yards on only nine carries.

Redskins-Giants best and worst
Best Forbath: How about this kid? Never attempted an NFL field goal before last week, and now he’s four-for-four, making a 50-yarder in his NFL debut and not missing in the notoriously tricky Meadowlands in his second game.