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Redskins Vs Giants Post Game Recaps

The Washington Redskins suffer a heart-breaking loss on the road against the New York Giants.


Well, that was depressing... I actually missed the first half, but I saw the whole of the second half, which was more than enough to pull me in and then torture me before eventually spitting me out after Santana Moss fumbled for the Redskins fifth turnover of the game. If the commentators hadn't drummed it into you, the Redskins had only turned over the ball five times on the entire season going into this game. But they left the Metlife having doubled their tally.

Yes, I acknowledge that the defense wasn't great. From what I hear they managed virtually no pressure in the entire first half. But in fairness to them, while the turnover mania was going on, they kept us in the game. Rob Jackson's interception was a huge momentum swing back in our direction. But of course, the only thing that is going to stick in our minds is Victor Cruz flying past Josh Wilson, with Madieu Williams extremely late to react.

More on the negative side of things, Fred Davis looks to be out for the season with a torn achilles. As the starting tight end, and teams leading receiver, this is obviously a huge blow. Have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot of talk about Chris Cooley over the coming days. London Fletcher also left the game towards the end with a hamstring (I believe). He was off the field for that third and 18 screen that the Giants managed to convert.

There were a few dodgy calls from the refs I felt today. The 'leg whip' call that negated Alfred Morris' 15 yard run was a big momentum gain for the Giants. I'm also still not sure that Ahmad Bradshaw was actually in the end zone. I thought his knee was down, but how any sideline judge could possible tell and call it a touchdown in the first place is beyond me.

But at least we can take pride in how Robert Griffin III was able to bring the offense back, even after all the turnovers, and put us in a winning position with a 1:30 left on the clock. Trent Williams had a HUGE block on the scramble when Griffin eventually found Logan Paulsen. Then Griffin had a huge run after feeling pressure early. And talk about clutch throws. That touchdown pass to Moss was a thing of beauty. He read the pressure and coverage in an instant before he threw it out there for Moss to run perfectly in stride under it.

But at the end of the day, turnovers lost the game in my opinion. You just cant go on the road, especially to a team like the Giants, and turn the ball over on five occasions. Securing the football will be a priority in practice this week.