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The Week According to the Redskins

The Redskins are geared up for their first divisional clash against the New York Giants, but are keeping perspective in regards to the rest of the season and the future of this group.


Context as of 7:30pm ET, 10/14: Redskins 38, Vikings: 26. WAS: 3-3.

(All quotes taken from interviews broadcast on the "Video Channel" of


#10 QB Robert Griffin III

On being 3-3:

"It was a big win for us. We needed it. We needed to go and out and finish the game as an offense...We needed that for our confidence. To be 3 and 3, it's a great feeling but we know we want to be better than .500. We want to win more games than 8."

#former high jumper setting the bar high.

# 83 TE Fred Davis

On Griffin's 76 yard run:

"Really can't say so much more. Like I said, he's Black Jesus right now. He saved us today."

#Fred Davis, Mayor of Hyperbole Town-DC

#26 CB Josh Wilson

On 76 yard run:

Everybody be glad that he plays on our team, and I play on our team - because I would have caught'em. [laughs] I'm very happy that #10 works for us.

On Lorenzo Alexander:

"This guy is a London Fletcher." #high praise

#46 RB Alfred Morris

On 3rd downs:

"We knew that we were struggling. We made it our goal to work on it in practice, and come out here and execute. We did just that." #6-12 on 3rds.

On Griffin's 76 yard run:

"Once I saw him hit the sideline, I'm like ‘that's a touchdown'. It was just a sigh of relief cause I knew that sealed the game." #my feelings exactly

On role in Vikings game (16 carries, 47 yards):

"I love when I get the opportunity to help the team win in any kind of way...I had a little success early on and I was able to start having the defense key on me. By them biting on the fakes, it definitely was drawing them in and helping open lanes for the wide receivers."



#89 WR Santana Moss

On difference with the Redskins in 2012:

"The difference is that we're a better team. We actually see it and we actually know it."

On imparting wisdom to younger players:

"There ain't much you say to go guys that are on the same level with you. But what I try and do is go there and show them how hard I'm working still at 12 years in the when those guys are having those hard days, those dog days, they can look at me and say he's still here because he's putting [in] that kind of work."

On surprising aspects of RG3's game:

"He thinks first. He thinks quick. He's not just throwing the ball out there trying to make something happen. He's either going to have something with the pass game or not...Even when you're older, a lot of guys tend to say, ‘hey, let me fling the ball up there and hope something happens.' [Griffin's] not wishing upon something. He's just going to go out there and take what he sees."



#10 QB Robert Griffin III

On rivalry with the Giants:

"If there was a game that any professional ever took off, it definitely won't be this one...I'm not much of a trash talker, but if there is trashing talking, let there be it..."

"The Giants are right now one of the best teams in the league, but I don't look at it that way. Every team in the NFL has great players, everybody has a guy...I used to hi-jump back in the day. My dad would always tell me you jump the same way at 6'8'' as you do as 6'0''. So I'm going to keep my preparation the same way." #high jumper[1].

On his 76 yard run against the Vikings:

"Talking to a bunch of the players and the coaches, they said it's one of the best moments they've been a part of, so I definitely realized how big it was, but - I'm done watching it now. I've moved on to this next game. It's something that will live on in history. I'm sure twenty years from now they'll still be talking about it, and that's the great thing about playing at the highest level."

On Garcon being out

"Pierre [Garcon] is one of the best receivers in this league. He's proven that...What I told him today is that I'll try to not get frustrated with not having him out there, and he told me he'd try to keep a clear mind so that when he does get out there he'll be ready to go."

On embracing contact:

"My fans and my teammates don't want me to love the contact, so I don't love the contact...It's not a pride thing...It's a matter of being smart."

On NYG pass rush:

"These guys are very hard to block, but we've got guys that are up for the challenge. Trent [William] is up for the challenge...It'll definitely be fun."

On Redskins identity

"The identity is - it's very cliché, and every team will say it - but we just try to give what the defense gives us. Our game plans are pretty dense, and we have many things that we can do with it. So if they shut down one thing, we move on to another thing."

#The East-Coast Offense

On relationship with fellow rookie Alfred Morris:

"I told [Morris] when I met him, a few months ago that I was mad that the coaches drafted him over my guy Terrance Ganaway from Baylor...I grew to like him immediately. He's a guy that works extremely hard. You want more guys like him on your team, not less of them. He's been great. He's defiantly been a surprise story, not only for the media but for the players has well. He's something special."

On progress over 6 weeks:

"Everything is clearing up." #He Can See All Obstacles in His Way

On Obama's comment: "The Restoration of Faith in Washington Sports":

"He still hasn't taken me up on that basketball game that he promised me at the National Prayer Breakfast...For us to come out as the Washington Redskins and lift up this whole area is great.

On running for office:

I've got a lot of other guys to be running away from. [laughs]. No interest in politics for me right now. Maybe the forty year-old or forty-five-year-old me will want to get into that, but for right now I'm stick to football. #that is not a denial #RG34PODUSN2032

#96 NT Barry Cofield:

On being 11-1 in WAS/NYG rivalry:

I'm glad that I'm 2 and 0 here. Getting to 3 and 0 as a Redskin is the most important thing.

On Ahmad Bradshaw:

He's not a big guy, but he runs with a ton of power and he's hard to bring down. We have to treat him just like we treated Adrian Peterson last week. It's going to take 3 or 4 guys to bring him down. If we're not there at the ball, a 3 yard run can be 30 real easy.

#98 LB Brian Orakpo

On wanting to play this game:

I would want to suit up. This is a big game. Put the records away: this is Giants vs. Redskins.

On looking forward to next year:

"The facts are the facts - I'm out for the season, and I got to deal with it. I dealt with it; teammates have helped me deal with it. The coaches gave me support; [now] I'm here just trying to support my guys."

"It's tough. My whole career here, I think I've missed what? One game."

#97 LB Lorenzo Alexander aka One Man Gang

On getting a game ball for the Vikings game:

It's my locker right now. I'm not really big on awards...I obviously cherish getting an honor form my head coach and my teammates appreciating what I do...It's not my first game ball; it's not my first defensive game ball either.



#37 SS/FS Reed Doughty

On Eli Manning

Before the ball's snapped or as the ball's snapped he knows where to go with the ball. He takes away the biggest errors that you can make in throwing into a coverage. Second, even though he's not a running quarterback, he scrambles very'll see him step up, he senses rushes and he gets rid of the ball.

#26 CB Josh Wilson

On Victor Cruz's Salsa Dance:

It's not so much the dance, but usually the big play that came with it.

#89 WR Santana Moss

On possibility of being first in division:

So early in the season - there plenty of teams that done had that chance to be in first place and then something change later in the season. I feel like we want to be that team in first place but it's nothing to get up for.

#46 RB Alfred Morris:

On 6-week wait to play in the NFC East

It helped us get into a rhythm; get more comfortable and adjusted to the NFL. Come Sunday I think we'll be fine. [We'll] look like Vets out there.


If you heard any other memorable or interesting quotes from Redskins players this week, please leave in the comments below.

[1] Yes, I know that's the hurdles not the high jump.