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Week Five Injury Update: Am I Laughing or Am I Crying?

Week five injury update and more on the Meriweather-Robinson collision.

Larry French - Getty Images

When the word "unprecedented" appears in a discussion about the Redskins, it typically refers to Robert Griffin III. But last Sunday was not your typical game day. The first and most memorably unprecedented event has to be the pregame collision that landed Brandon Meriweather and Aldrick Robinson on the inactives list.

My initial, what-the-sh*t-just-happened reaction is taking a while to wear off. I mean, seriously? What are you DOING?

If you're Robinson, how do you not see or hear Meriweather barreling toward you? If you're Meriweather, how do you not see Robinson standing in the end zone when you take off after the ball? If you're the guy throwing the ball, or anyone looking in that direction, for that matter, how do you not call out a warning? Unprecedented fecklessness abounds!

I can't even with this mess...

On offense:

WR Aldrick Robinson—Suffered a concussion in a head-to-head collision with Brandon Meriweather during pregame warm-ups. In Monday's presser, Mike Shanahan revealed that Robinson lay unconscious for more than a minute before being revived. He's currently under observation as part of the NFL's concussion testing protocol and will not be cleared to play until he passes a series of cognitive tests.

On defense:

CB Cedric Griffin—Strained a hamstring in week three. Did not practice and was inactive against the Buccaneers.

S Brandon Meriweather—Re-aggravated the MCL and PCL sprain in his left knee during a pregame collision with Aldrick Robinson. Meriweather had been set to make his debut after missing the first three games, but instead was helped to the locker room and underwent MRIs. Despite being ruled out for the Falcons game, the safety told ESPN 980 that the MRI results were better than expected. Another ESPN 980 source described the incident as a "minor setback."

That's all from me. Lemme know if I missed anyone.