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Daily Slop: Redskins ‘East Coast Offense’ Remains a Work in Progress; How Clutch is Robert Griffin III?

Larry French


Redskins WR Garcon a longshot for Giants game |
Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon is a longshot to play against the New York Giants Sunday, but he did take a pain-killing shot Wednesday that doctors hope will lessen the pain in his right foot. Garcon did not practice Thursday — he was not on the field, either, as they kept him inside to get treatment — and is not expected to practice Friday, coach Mike Shanahan said.

Redskins email excerpt: TE blocking improved |
Fred Davis often talked about how much he had improved as a blocker last season. Seems like he might finally be right: he is better. So, too, is the overall blocking at the position. When the Redskins cut Chris Cooley, one thing they lost was a consistent blocker. But Davis’ improvement, along with that of Logan Paulsen, has helped — and it’s made a difference in the run game.

Holden & Danny: Carpenter Believes RGIII Is Unlike Any Other Quarterback " CBS DC
"Unlike Vick, I think Griffin III has the ability to reinvent himself much more so than any other running quarterback," Carpenter continued. "I think that is a better comparison to what he becomes — a Steve Young type. He has the arm strength and the accuracy to become that."

Point-Counterpoint: Do the Redskins Need to Win Next 2 Games Against Giants & Steelers? | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
Sundays exciting win over the Minnesota Vikings by the Redskins has put them right back into the division race. While most of DC is still talking about the third down 76 yard touchdown run by Robert Griffin III, the team must now get ready for what should be their toughest two game road trip of the season. First facing the Super Bowl champion Giants who just dismantled the 49ers and then to Pittsburgh to face the always tough Steelers.

how clutch is robert griffin III? | Damn it feels good to be a homer.
"I was ecstatic. That was as good of a play as I’ve been a part of," said offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. "It was real fun to watch – not something that I’ve seen too much from a quarterback. Right when he broke the pocket, I knew he had a chance to get the first down. Right when he got it, I started to really get excited because I knew we had a chance to run the clock out then. Then when I saw him square his shoulders up, I was like, ‘Holy cow, he’s going to go the distance.’ It was fun to watch."

The Redskins Blog | Thursday’s Redskins Park Update
Today’s update: what is the key defensively against New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning this Sunday?

Jim Haslett dislikes ‘bend but don’t break’ description of defense
"Bend but don’t break," is a description that several players used to describe their performance in the 38-26 victory. But defensive coordinator Jim Haslett dislikes the phrase. Although pleased with the turnovers, touchdown and stingy red zone effort, Haslett says his unit has to do a better job of getting off the field.

Stats show Robert Griffin III at his best under the most intense pressures
Asked where he has seen the most improvement in his game, he said, "Just throwing everything when I’m supposed to throw it, and getting to my check-downs when I’m supposed to get to my check-downs. I think I’m doing a better job of managing that part of the offense. But that comes through hard work, through game-time reps, just knowing where to go with the ball. Everything’s clearing up. Every game that goes by, things are clearing up, and that’s something I’m excited about for the future."

Redskins’ ‘East Coast offense’ remains a work in progress
Said Shanahan: "What we try to do is adjust our offense to the type of defense we are going to face and we have the capabilities to do a lot of different things. As you get a quarterback like Robert and see what he is comfortable with, you try to run your offense accordingly. It is a learning experience. You are going to grow with this thing every week. It is kind of fun to deal with a guy like Robert because you can do so many things and he picks up things so quickly and he is able to execute them on the football field. It is a work in progress for us, it is kind of fun to tinker around with a number of different things. Some things you haven’t done before, other things you have and you can see what he does and what he likes."

Hail to the ‘Pigskins’? Two newspapers now refuse to use Washington’s football name | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
The Kansas City Star has long refused to use the "Redskins" nickname in its football coverage, and now, a newspaper closer to the team has followed suit. The Washington City Paper has decided to use the term "Pigskins" instead of "Redskins" when writing about the home team. The Washington City Paper is an alternative weekly with a circulation estimated in 2009 at 71,000. The new name was decided by a poll of the paper's readers.

Orakpo Already Preparing For 2013
"I'm not a guy that just misses games like that," he said this morning in the locker room. "In my whole career here, I've missed what, one game? It's just not something I'm accustomed to, being out for the season, especially so early.

Osi Umenyiora: Robert Griffin III has earned nickname -
The New York Giants defensive end dubbed the Washington Redskins rookie quarterback "Sir" after a preseason slight toward Robert Griffin III. Umenyiora called him "Bob Griffin" in July and said he hadn't earned the nickname in the NFL. "Sir. His name is Sir Robert Griffin," Umenyiora told the New York Daily News. "All the respect in the world goes to him. A phenomenal football player."

Three and out: RG3, Sundberg, and the Giants - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

Giants' Bradshaw says he's 'ready to go' - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw was back at practice on a limited basis on Thursday and declared himself ready to take on the Redskins on Sunday. "I feel good, man. No setbacks and I’m ready to go," said Bradshaw, who is New York’s leading rusher with 449 yards on 92 carries. He explained how the injury happened last Sunday against the 49ers. "I just got stepped on during the game and it just hurt the bone a little bit, but I'm cool," he said. He missed four games last season with a stress fracture to the same foot so anything that happens there is cause for concern in the Giants’ camp.

Redskins defense has had many happy returns - Washington Times
Madieu Williams used whatever footing he had left last Sunday to dive for the end zone as he was pushed out of bounds. The Washington Redskins‘ free safety finished his interception return by extending the ball with both hands. Sure enough, he knocked over the pylon. And when Williams got up and saw the referee signaling a touchdown, the celebration was on.

Redskins 1987 replacement star Tony Robinson just happy to be out of jail - The Washington Post
Twenty-five years ago today, Kevin "Tony" Robinson was the most unlikely star of arguably the most unlikely win in Washington Redskins history. Today, he is just happy that the question "Where is he now?" doesn’t yield the answer: in jail.

Kyle Shanahan: Better execution cured Redskins' third-down woes - Washington Times
"I thought it was definitely our best week of the year," offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said. "We made some big plays. Robert had two third-downs that he scrambled on. I thought one of the plays in the game was just a simple third-and-4 when we were down 9-3 at the minus 16-yard line and 'Tana (wide receiver Santana Moss) had a choice route that he hooked up in between two defenders and got things going and then we went down and got a touchdown. I think that was the difference."

Josh Morgan on growing up in Southeast: ‘I needed to find a way out’
"This is my hometown," he explained to me. "I’ve been doing this since I’ve been in the league. I even did it in college. That’s just how my parents and my godmother raised me. They always told me, ‘God may continue to bless you, but you got to bless other people.’"

Redskins Music: Round of Applause by Black Boo Week 7
Week 7's Redskins song by Black Boo of Mambo Sauce, titled "Round of Applause"

HTTR24-7-Skins Podcasts & Blog – Redskins vs Giants preview
RG3 said he was good to go Sunday after the concussion against the Falcons, & was he ever good. After an interception he absolutely dominated the Vikings. But he may just face his toughest test in his first NFC East division game against the defending champs New York Giants. Giants are coming off a huge dominating victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Both teams coming off big wins, this might be the NFL’s best match-up of the week.