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Hogs Haven Podcast: The Unauthorized Biography of Scrapple

The latest podcast from the Hogs Haven crew.

Larry French

So it's been a while... How have you been, good? Well we're back now with the latest edition of the Hogs Haven podcast. We had the usual crew consisting of Ken, Kevin, Parks, Steve, Keely and that irritating British guy. We attempted to discuss our feelings in general on offense, defense and special teams, but Skype was throwing its toys out of the pram. So I left in a few of the more funny outcomes from Skype's... lets say mishaps. Apologies if the sound is off, I did the best I could with the crappy recording.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions or wants to make a cover photo specifically for the Hogs Haven podcast, feel free to let us know in the comments below. We want a picture on the cover that is instantly recognizable as the podcast so its easier for you guys to know when we have a new one out. Anyways, as always, hope you enjoy!

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