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Got Week 7 Fantasy Football Questions? Ask Dan Now!

Dan Ciarrocchi of Hogs Haven and Pro Football Focus will field fantasy football questions that will be answered in Thursday's edition of "Dan's Sack."

J. Meric - Getty Images

Im in a good mood this week thanks to Jeremy Maclin, Kyle Rudolph and Mathew Stafford showing up for my fantasy teams this week despite Stafford’s best efforts to not put up any points whatsoever. Seriously, Matt? 1.2 points heading into the fourth quarter? That's just a jerk move.

Even so, I think I’ll be in a good mood when I answer questions tonight and then when I post my answers Thursday morning for the Week 7 edition of “Dan’s Sack.” I’m going to bask in that goodness until reality inevitably sinks in and I have to acknowledge that my two starting running backs in the 16-team Hogs Haven league are Vick Ballard and James Casey. Bye weeks blow.

So yeah, you all know the drill by now. Post your questions in the comments section, or reach me on Twitter @PFF_Dan. I'll get to as many as possible.