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Daily Slop: Redskins Media Links Roundup

Larry French - Getty Images


Redskins vs. Vikings: Studs and Duds (offense) |
C Will Montgomery. I’ll get to other blocks in a minute, but he did an excellent job on the 76-yard touchdown run. Montgomery and running back Evan Royster picked up two linebackers blitzing the A gap, clearing a lane for Griffin.

London Fletcher: NFL Ironman Hopes to Leave Legacy for Young Redskins " CBS DC
If London Fletcher plays in Washington’s remaining 10 games this season, he’ll be tied for the fourth-most in NFL history by a non-kicker with 240. If the Redskins’ three-time Pro Bowl inside linebacker keeps his streak going through next September, he’ll rank behind only former defensive end Jim Marshall (282) and ex-quarterback Brett Favre (302).

Josh Wilson Relives RGIII’s TD Run, Talks About How To Stop The Giants " CBS DC
"At the end of the day we kept them out of the end zone," said Wilson. "Even on the turnover, our defense stepped up and held them to a field goal. You don’t notice that stuff but as an offense, you get two, three drives and you get it in the red-zone and can’t put it in and you’re held to nine points, that can get on your psyche for the rest of the game."

kerrigan, griffin talk about the landover leap | Damn it feels good to be a homer.
"I saw the offensive tackle give me a little free ride, like most tackles do when it’s a screen pass and I saw the back scatting and I also tried to trail him a little bit," Kerrigan said. "Fortunately, I was right in the throwing lane and I was able to make the play."

The Redskins: What A Difference A Year Makes | Fatpickled
A year ago today the Redskins lost to the Eagles 20-13 in a game that featured 4 Rex Grossman interceptions. Grossman’s performance prompted fans and the

The Redskins Blog | Pat Fischer Revolutionized Press Coverage
"What we called ‘pressing’ or ‘clamping,’ different terms have been used to express it, but it was an introduction of a style of play that the NFL actually had never had," Fischer said. "And it took offenses and receivers three or four years to make the adjustments to that type of play, and that was to go play right up at the line of scrimmage."

Biggest disappointment and most pleasant surprise so far?
On the disappointment side, Pierre Garcon might be a common answer, given the size of the free agent deal he signed, and the fanfare that affords. He also barely played in the opened against New Orleans, yet had four quick catches and a long touchdown, perhaps further raising the bar. He hurt his foot on that touchdown though, and really has never been the same. Is it fair to call a player who’s had something out of his control happen to him your disappointment?

NFL creates three-day negotiating window before free agency

Under the new rule, which takes effect next year, a team will be permitted to contact the agent for a player from another team who is eligible for free agency during the three-day window before the free agent market opens. But a contract cannot be signed or submitted to the league office during that period.

Washington Redskins Vs New York Giants Week 7 (Promo Video)

Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants promo video for this weeks rivalry game. A win will put the Redskins in first place in the NFC East

Antrel Rolle: RG3, Michael Vick 'totally different QBs' -

"I haven't watched too much film on RG3 yet," Rolle told WFAN-AM, via The Star-Ledger. "I've just seen highlights and this, that and the other. But, of course, they're different. They're two totally different quarterbacks and I think that their game as far as their offensive approach is extremely different. RG3, as you know, he can run the ball. I think he runs the ball a lot more than Michael Vick. I mean, he's a fast guy. He has a very, very strong arm and I think he's an all-around quarterback and he's going to get better with time."

Need to Know: Redskins trying to reverse a trend - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

If the Redskins are going to beat the Giants on Sunday they will have to do something they haven’t done since the year 2000. The Redskins swept the Giants last year. It was the sixth time since 1999 that the Redskins have swept an NFC East rival. However, Washington has had a hard time maintaining any kind of edge over a team from season to season. They swept the Eagles in 2008 but they lost the first meeting against them in 2009. In 2005 the Redskin swept both the Cowboys and Philly but lost to each of them the first time they played in 2006.

Rex Grossman calls RGIII’s speed ‘the coolest thing in the world’

"I mean, once he got the edge, he was gone," Rex Grossman told Mike Wise on 106.7 The Fan this week. "And that is the coolest thing in the world. I wish I could run a 4.3. That would be SO cool! And getting up the sidelines right there and just watching the fans go crazy, and then have him look back at the defender and just take off, that was a cool moment for him. I just think that’s a moment he’ll never forget."

Jared Allen not ready to crown RGIII

"I’m not going to crown him anything yet," Allen told Comcast SportsNet after Sunday’s game. "He had a good game. Hats off to him, he ran really well. But to be great in this league, you have to do it for years and years and years. So, I wish him all the best, except next time when we play him."

Three surprising and disappointing players for the Redskins | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog

LB London Fletcher: -This may appear to be off base given that once again Fletcher leads the Redskins in tackles, but that isn't a great statistic to justify quality play. Many of those tackles are a result of Fletcher getting beat in coverage and tackling the receiver after they already gained a first down.