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Redskins Fantasy Impact

How the Redskins stars are impacting several fantasy leagues.

Larry French - Getty Images

Going into the season many thought that Fred Davis would be the Redskins biggest fantasy impact player this year. So far some other players have stepped up to provide more of an impact for a team that is usually devoid of fantasy starts.

Robert Griffin III: Much like Cam Newton in his rookie campaign, RG3 was a wild card for fantasy owners in August drafts. So far he's been a gem for fantasy owners. Most pundits and scoring systems are ranking Griffin III as the fifth ranked fantasy QB in the league. The passing yardage (1,343) and passing touchdowns (5) aren't top tier, but when you add on his performance on the ground with over 375 yards rushing and six touchdowns then RG3 becomes a top tier fantasy start this year. In Hogs Haven leagues he has just around 175 points on the year, which ranks fifth out of all QBs.

Alfred Morris: Everyone saw this coming, right? Fantasy owners cringe when they hear "running backs" and "Mike Shanahan" together, but Morris has been a rock in the fantasy world this year. Many analysts have him in their Top 15. In Hogs Haven leagues Morris has scored 92 points which ranks eighth out of all running backs. Can the rookie keep it up for the rest of the season?

Wide Receivers: Buehler.... No one has really showed up from a fantasy perspective for the Skins wide receivers yet. Santana Moss is the highest ranked with 223 yards and two touchdowns. Pierre Garcon was thought to be a decent get in August, but he's been plagued by injury.

Fred Davis: Now to the aforementioned Mr. Davis. Sleepy has been a disappointment this year with just 29 fantasy points, but some still have him in their Top 10 tight ends. We'll see what the future holds for FD.

Washington Defense: Say what? Despite being beaten like a drum this year, the Skins defense ranks ninth out of all fantasy defenses. Mainly due to their four touchdowns this year, which trails only the Bears.