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Highlights from Mike Shanahan's Monday Presser

Injury updates and which players played well.

Larry French - Getty Images

Mike Shanahan spoke to the media as he does every Monday at 3PM EST, which is always broadcast on are the highlights:

  • On Pierre Garcon, Shanahan said that Garcon's injury is not turf toe, it's a capsule under the second toe that is painful when running. He would not elaborate on his status, but said the MRI showed inflammation. Status for next week(s) is unclear.
  • Shanahan gave praise to the OLine especially Trent Williams and Tyler Polumbus.
  • Shanahan says Super Bowl winner is usually the team with the best turnover ratio. Redskins are now ranked 4th best in NFL with +9 ratio.
  • Shanahan mentioned he rewards players that are playing well with continued plays...was speaking about Lorenzo Alexander on defense.
  • DeAngelo Hall is on pace to break most tackles for a season in his career. Mike Shanahan responded to that statement by a reporter with: "DeAngelo is very physical with no fear in him...very competitive and doesn't back down."