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Daily Slop: ; Jammal Brown Optimistic About Recovery; Do the Redskins Third Down Issues Matter?

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Redskins won’t alter gameplan for Griffin; notes |
Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III endured went through another practice, took the majority of the snaps with the first team and continued to look like someone who will play Sunday. Griffin hasn’t shown any symptoms of his concussion since shortly after it happened Sunday.

Redskins RT Brown optimistic about recovery |
Redskins right tackle Jammal Brown didn’t realize how badly he needed surgery. Neither did his doctors. But when they saw the ligament damage in his left hip and where it was lodged, things changed.

Washington Redskins Keys to the Game: Week 6 | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
This is an important key every week, but is absolutely critical with the Washington Redskins star rookie returning from a concussion. The Redskins need to do whatever it takes to ensure that Robert Griffin III doesn't take any unnecessary hits. This can be done in multiple ways. First they need to keep the running back in to block on all plays, as the Minnesota Vikings are a team that loves to blitz.

getting to know ryan grant | Damn it feels good to be a homer.

"I’ve always been a fan of Ryan Grant," Shanahan said. "I think he runs the zone scheme really well in the years that he had, especially earlier on when he was getting the ball a lot. He was very good at pressing it, stretching it, getting downhill and running hard and breaking arm tackles. I think he’s a violent runner who gets the ball downhill and moves the chains. He’s always been a good zone runner. That’s what Green Bay has pretty much majored in, similar to us. Everybody runs a zone. It’s a little bit different, so you can’t say it’s the exact same, but he’s familiar with what we’re doing. I think it suits his skills."

Cousins Ready If RGIII Can't Go | NBC4 Washington

Good news: Quarterback Robert Griffin III practiced Wednesday, three days after suffering a concussion in the Falcons loss, and the hope is that he will be cleared to play against the Vikings this Sunday in FedEx Field. Bad news: There's the possibility that the Redskins' dynamic rookie won't be able to go and that responsibility will fall to either rookie fourth-rounder Kirk Cousins, or last season's opening-week starter, Rex Grossman.

A look on film at the Vikings-Redskins matchup – Blogging the bEast

The Vikings’ handling of Ponder this season reminds me a little of what the Skins have tried to do with Robert Griffin III. So far this season, the Redskins have given RG3 the opportunity to execute simple throws, while mixing in a heavy dose of the run. In many ways, that’s similar to what the Vikings have done so far this season with 2nd year QB Christian Ponder.

Adrian Peterson returns to FedEx Field 10 months after tearing ACL here

"He looks pretty good. He’s still explosive, still can make some great cuts and great reads," Redskins linebacker London Fletcher said of Peterson. "He still has his vision. If he’s not 100 percent, he’s 98 percent. But he looks really good out there. He’s definitely a freak of nature when you look at his injury happening in December and to come back this early and be playing that well. You don’t notice him favoring that leg or running around gimpy or anything."

Jim Haslett continues experimenting as defense tries to overcome injuries

"We kind of mixed it up," Haslett said. "We’ve got to find ways to get more pressure on the quarterback. I thought we hung in there pretty well last week, doing what we had to do to win the game."

Vikings defensive player to watch: DE Jared Allen

He had 22 sacks last season, just a half-sack shy of Michael Strahan’s single-season NFL record. His 108 sacks since he entered the league with the Chiefs in 2004 are the most in the league over that span.

Santana Moss will wait until career ends to savor joining 500-catch club

"To be honest with you, man, I’m honored to be a part of something down the road that’s going to be big to me. Right now, I don’t know what it does for me because I don’t really get into all that," said Moss, who had 151 catches as a New York Jet in the first four seasons of his career before he was traded to Washington. After joining the Redskins, Moss became the team’s featured receiver and led the team in catches in six of his seven seasons in a Washington uniform.

Need to Know: Do the Redskins' third down issues matter? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

According to Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats, even though the Redskins own the league’s worst third-down conversion rate at 23 percent they still get a first down on 68 percent of their series. In other words, every time they have the ball first and 10 they end up getting a first down at some point in that series 68 percent of the time. That’s right at the league average. They just get their first downs on first- and second-down plays instead of waiting to get them on third down.

Kerrigan getting 'hit, banged, chipped' - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

"We were on the field too much," he said. "We did it to ourselves. First drive of the game, we didn’t get off on a third down. We should have had a stop, but they extended the drive another eight or nine plays. We have to get off the field in those situations." --One of the Redskins’ biggest defi

HTTR24-7-Skins Podcasts & Blog – Film Sessions: Haslett vs LeBeau Battle Of The 3-4

After hours of film I have come to the conclusion that Jim Haslett is not running the LeBeau 3-4 correctly in Wasington DC. In the LeBeau 3-4 the CBS should be in man coverage 85% of the time or more to give the front 7 more time to work. The defense is aggressive with blitzes,slants,and stunts aimed at causeing confusion in the middle of the offensive line that opens holes for pass rushers. The scheme creates the pass rush in most of the defensive packages.