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Cundiff, a Blessing in Disguise?

Could Billy Cundiff's failures have been a blessing for a team looking for a kicker for seemingly forever?

Harry How - Getty Images

I don't know why, but I like kickers. There I said it! I know there are others of you out there. Its tough to be a Redskins fan and be a fan of the art of kicking. We look around the league at guys like Robbie Gould and Sebastian Janikowski and wonder why we can get a guy like that. We also look around and see guys that used to kick for the Redskins like Nick Novak and Shaun Suisham, guys who made our butt cheeks clinch when they were here, now doing a solid job for their respective teams. And then, finally, we see young studs like Justin Tucker and Greg Zuerlein seemingly come out of nowhere. Lets not even get into the David Akers situation. But with signing Kai Forbath have the Redskins, perhaps, finally grabbed one of those youngster we can count on.

Former UCLA Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel put it best:

Death, taxes and Forbath, those are the three things in life you can count on via Palisadian Post

The 2011 Draft featured two kickers that were fairly hot commodities after their senior season. The Eagles thought so much of one, Alex Henery, that they took him in the fourth round of the Draft. Henery has rewarded the Eagles by making 32 of his 36 field goal attempts. Not far behind was Forbath in many teams evaluations.

Forbath was most known for his consistency in a time of struggle for UCLA. His most memorable kick likely came on a 51 yard winning field goal against Oregon State. A lingering health issue seemed to hamper Forbath a bit, but he now seems to be one hundred percent healthy.

The Redskins may have a more high flying offense this year, but as Billy Cundiff has taught us they can stall out. We need consistency this year and years to come. That is why the Redskins made the right decision in going with Forbath rather than a veteran, old timer like Olindo Mare (who happened to be high school classmates with Bill Ward).