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Finding Positives from the Falcons Loss

A look at stats and trends from the Redskins loss to Falcons that leaves room for optimism.

Brad Mills-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

If one were to look solely at the stat line for the Falcons Redskins game, he or she would surely deduce the game was a blowout. The Redskins had the ball over 4:00 minutes less than the Falcons and ran 33 less offensive plays. Quite amazing the Redskins were in it late, right? So, what are some positives?

  • Redskins season turnover ratio is +7, fifth best in the league. Despite Cousins' two late INTs, the Redskins are still one of the best teams at protecting the ball. Even with the holes on the roster, that should keep us in games against good opponents.
  • Redskins only 4 penalties for 20 yards. Redskins were statistically the most penalized team in the NFL through the first few games, but it looks like they're settling down a bit.
  • The Redskins have a legit running game. This is vital no matter who the Redskins QB is. Washington has the 4th most rushing yards in the NFL with 813. (Morris has 491 on 100 carries). Dating back to last season, the Redskins have rushed for 125 or more yards in seven consecutive games for the first time since Weeks 2-8 of the 2008 season.
  • The secondary actually held Roddy White and Julio Jones in check most of the day. Who saw that coming?