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Recapping Redskins Win over Buccaneers in Saved By the Bell Animated Gifs

The Redskins win over the Bucs was an emotional rollercoaster that can best be relived through animated gifs from the sitcom, Saved By the Bell.

Pre-game was all normal....Aldrick Robinson was doing his warmups in the endzone....


And Brandon Meriweather was working out as well...


...until they collide leading to both of them sustaining serious injuries and being inactive for the game.

When that news came through on my Twitter timeline, all I could think was...

On their second drive, RGIII takes the Redskins 67 yards for a Touchdown....7-3 Redskins!


On two of their next three drives, Redskins score two TDs, including a pretty 37-yard Alfred Morris scamper where he made two defenders whiff. The Skins are running away with this....


My reaction when Cundiff missed the first field goal (41 yards)....


My reaction when Cundiff missed the second field goal (57 yards)...


My reaction when he missed the third field goal (31 yards)...


Billy Cundiff at halftime with his teammates...


What I wish someone did to Shanny when he was getting ready to throw the red challenge flag on a play that had no business be challenged. I guess it's mandatory the Redskins have to burn at least one second half timeout each week.


Oh my goodness, Bucs kick a FG to take a 1 point lead with under two minutes left.


RGIII straight out ballin in the two minute drill. Without audio in his helmet working, runs 7 plays for 56 yards in 1:36 to get the team in FG range. Trent Williams went the whole game on his hurting knee.


And Cundiff narrowly makes the 45 yard FG to win the game....


What RGIII is to Redskins fans....


How we all thought that last 4th quarter drive would go...especially the FG attempt:


What the girls think of Kory Lichtensteiger's two holding calls:


How I will feel every time Cundiff (or whatever re-hashed Kicker Shanny brings in) lines up for a game winning FG...Scared_medium
(For the youngters that here that don't know Saved By the Bell, this is probably the most famous scene in the entire series where Jesse Spano realizes her drug addiction when trying to keep up her 4.0 grade average and all the rehearsals for her show (hook of song is called "I'm so excited"...but then changes it to "I'm so scared...")

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