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Draft Prospect Preview: GoDaddy Bowl

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There are only two games left in the college bowl season, the National Championship and the illustrious GoDaddy Bowl. If you're still searching for some football after today's playoff games then head over to ESPN at 9PM to check out Arkansas State (10-2) take on Northern Illinois (10-3). The one prospect you want to keep an eye on tonight is Northern Illinois quarterback Chandler Harnish, who we profiled in mid-November.

Last time we checked in on Harnish he was slated to be a 7th round prospect, but has sense shot up boards to be a solid 5th round prospect. I have a feeling he may not be done rising yet as we enter the all-star game portion of evaluations. Harnish will finish this year with over 4,000 passing yards and currently has 26 touchdowns to only five interceptions. He a four year starter and the Huskies' most highly decorated quarterback in their history. Earlier this year he lead the school to their first ever MAC Championship.

As outlined before Chandler does have some weaknesses:

Weaknesses: Has has a slight injury history of knee problems coming into the 2010 season. Also he doesn't play the stiffest defenses in the country. Against Wisconsin this year the Huskies struggled and only put up seven points total in a game at Soldier Field. Harnish is also a little smaller than your prototypical NFL quarterback prospect. He's always benefited from a solid run game, experienced wide receivers, and having a solid NFL offensive tackle prospect, Trevor Olson, at his side.

All in all, I wouldn't be surprised to see a coach become enamored with Harnish and reach as high as the 3rd round for him. Be sure to keep n eye on him tonight.