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Recap of Redskins 2011 Season in Picture Form

For those that follow @HogsHaven on twitter, you're already aware that I change my profile picture each week based on a key moment of the game (usually comical). Well, here they all are for 2011 (click each picture to enlarge). Here's the 2010 post if you feel like reliving Shanny's first year. Special thanks to DC Sports Bog and his Best/Worst posts for helping remember some of the painful story lines.

9/11 VS Giants W 28-14 Week1_medium
What a debut for the rookie. 5 tackles and an INT for a game clinching TD.
9/18 VS Cardinals W 22-21

One of the best photos ever.

9/26 @ Cowboys L 18-16

A game we should have won. I really want to see more Rob Jackson. The guy is a play maker.

10/2 @ Rams W 17-10 Week4_medium
Ryan Torain had a huge day rushing. Who would have predicted at this point he would end up getting cut?

VS Eagles L 20-13
The 1-4 Eagles vs the 3-1 Redskins. Hope vanished fast. In this game we lost Kory for the year. Cooley broke his finger. Trent Williams sprained his ankle. Had a delay of game attempting a 51 yard field goal. Rex had 4 INTs with a 23.7 QB rating. The Donte Stallworth drop on the long Beck bomb. Fans were chanting "We Want Beck!" Click picture to's quite comical.
10/23 @ Carolina L 33-20 Redskins_panthers_football_02465_medium

I'm guessing this play didn't end well. Panthers were 32nd ranked rush D, which showed until Tim Hightower was lost for the year. Moss also broke his hand. Beck's first drive included batted pass, sack, fumble, and near INT. It didn't help our starting WRs each had drops in the game. Beck also got sacked on 4th and 1. Image via (Bob Leverone - AP)

10/30 @ Bills L 23-0 Week8_medium
The Beck era we all asked for. First shut out in Shanahan's career.
11/6 VS 49ers L 19-11 . Week9_medium
Yep, we stink. Although, Gano broke franchise record with a 59 yard FG and Helu broke Art Monk's reception record with 14 screen passes receptions.
11/13 @ Dolphins L 20-9

Back to the Grossman era. Hankerson came on the scene with 106 yards before getting injured. Grossman with that horrible red zone INT.

Dallas Week starts...


11/20 VS Cowgirls L 27-24 Week11_medium
I can only show positive pictures even when losing to the Cowboys. DHall breaks my heart again.
11/27 @ Seahawks W 23-17


The emergence of Roy Helu...
And a fantastic long bomb TD catch by Armstrong.

12/04 VS Jets L 34-19 Week13_medium
Tough pill to swallow with the news of Fred Davis and Trent Williams. I decided to enhance Fred's TD celebration.
12/11 VS Patriots L 34-27 Week14_medium
It's clear the Redskins are not used to scoring TDs. Gaffney misfires on the Landover Leap. Skins had a chance to tie the game in the final seconds but Moss' batted catch on 2-yard line turned into an INT.
12/18 @ Giants W 23-10 Week15_medium
Somehow, the Redskins NY. Eat it Antrel Rolle.
12/24 VS Vikings L 33-26 Week16_medium
The emergency of the Rolls Royster. If I was Evan, this would be a mural on my basement wall.
1/1 @ Eagles L 34-10 136321988_medium

I had to end my season on a positive note, and London Fletcher deserves it with all his hard work and Pro Bowl snubbing. He dominated Urlacher in almost every category, yet the Chicago Bear still got the nod.