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The QB Carousel: Coaches Set

Generally when we think of a carousel we think of a gentle children's ride. Kevin Nealon even used it for a nice metaphor for life in Happy Gilmore, "Life's a Merry Go goes up and down and around...a circle...all good things". All good things except the the Redskins because the quarterback carousel has been one of the most hellacious rides ever created by Six Flags chairman. Instead of going up and down, our carousel just kind of bottoms out or gets stuck about a quarter way up the pole. But can Mike Shanahan shut down the carousel once and for all?

We still don't know which quarterbacks will be playing where next September, but we do know who is going to be coaching now and how might that affect some quarterbacks floating around on the "open market"?

Joe Philbin, Miami Dolphins: Philbin was a hot name all around the NFL coaching scene this offseason and he finally landed in South Beach (well actually a dumpy part of town well north of South Beach). The Dolphins are one of the frontrunners for a QB, but lack the necessary draft position to get a primetime prospect. Would a first year head coach be willing to trade up? I don't think so. Philbin came from being the offensive coordinator for the Packers so you have to think the Dolphins are instantly the frontrunners for Matt Flynn (thank god!).

Jim Caldwell, Baltimore Ravens: In one of the more crazy rumors, some think the Baltimore Ravens are the frontrunners for Peyton Manning. Really? The Ravens? This would be the most un-Ravens like move EVER. I hope it happens because frankly I don't want the risk associated with Manning. If it does happen I hope they promptly send their current starting QB straight down 95.

Tony Sparano, New York Jets: Sparono joins Rex Ryan to create the world's most annoying coaching staff in New York. Mark Sanchez is on the hot seat and Chad Henne is a free agent. I still think Henne can play in this league and I think he'd be a great fit in New York to push Sanchez.

Mike McCoy, Denver Broncos: This is a non-move, but it still could effect the QB landscape. I think if McCoy would've left then Tim Tebow may have been sent packing. Elway isn't sold, he said Tebow is the guy going into TRAINING CAMP; and then, just yesterday, said the Broncos will be looking for other quarterback options for camp. Really John? Just cut the cord buddy! Send Tebow to Jacksonville to create a QB Battle to rival Beck vs Grossman.