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Redskins Draft Prep Round Seven: TE Kevin Kroger vs DE Mike Daniels

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Having the 7th round pick is both a blessing and curse. It's a blessing because the pick isn't based on need. So even if a QB was picked earlier, or there is a rush linebacker worth taking, it can be a good value pick. The curse is of course the fact that it is nearly impossible to predict who will be on the board. Any number of 5th and 6th round values could easily fall, and guys expected to be guaranteed 7th rounders, could be well off the board.

So who did I end up deciding on for the Redskins 7th round debate? Well it is a pair of prospects that I believe should go a round or more earlier, but have a good chance of falling. Kevin Kroger could fall given how little he was used in the Michigan offense, and Mike Daniels is considered undersized, and that could turn some teams off. I'll make a case for each and you decide who you want to see in Burgundy and Gold.

TE Kevin Kroger, (6'4", 255): Now Kroger's numbers won't wow anyone (23 catches, 244 yards, 4 TD's), but it is important to remember that Kroger essentially accounted for 15% of Michigan receptions, 10% of their passing yards and over 20% of their TD's. All of that despite being primarily used as a blocking tight end.

Kroger's blocking is exactly why the Redskins could be interested, as he could be a valuable third tight end for Washington. Even in a best case scenario for the Redskins this year, of Fred Davis re-signing (and staying out of trouble) and Chris Cooley returns healthy, the Redskins will be severely lacking a true 'blocking' tight end. For as good as Cooley and Davis have been over the years, neither is much of a blocker, and it has negatively impacted the Redskins running game. Having that extra '6th offensive lineman' could be huge for the Redskins rushing attack. Kroger might not be the biggest need, but he could have an early impact for Washington.

DE Mike Daniels, (6'1", 280): Daniels was a highly capable penetrating defensive tackle for the Hawkeyes this past season. Daniels led the team with 7 sacks, while notching 13 tackles for a loss. Despite the fact that Iowa lost 3 starting defensive linemen a year ago, Daniels proved himself a quality pass rusher, who is great at disrupting plays behind the line of scrimmage.

He's not a perfect fit for the Redskins 3-4, but his hard work and production should allow the Redskins to have the confidence to try him out. He'd be a great depth pickup for the defensive end position, and would be a nice 7th round pick up.

So who do you want?