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Redskins Draft Prep Round Three: Coryell Judie or Nick Foles?

With the obvious understanding that the Redskins will not be picking a QB in the first round, the Redskins have a few options in the second and third for a signal-caller. If the Burgundy and Gold haven't secured that "Franchise" quarterback they need in the two previous rounds, the skill starts to drop off pretty drastically after the third.

There is more than one option, here. The third round is critical with the fourth and further being considered 'later rounds', and anybody that falls below third (usually) is more of a gamble.I can definitely see the Redskins using the first two rounds to address some deep holes in the secondary and on the offensive line. I think the third round will be the most important, as it will be where we get our future quarterback.

If, perhaps, the powers that be extend their hand and smack the Browns' front office in the mouth, allowing RGIII to fall far enough for the 'Skins to pick him up (Or basically any other QB in the first two rounds), I can see Shanny addressing a little more of the defense.

I present to you QB Nick Foles and CB Coryell Judie

Nick Foles, QB, Arizona: There are a lot of good things and bad things to say about Foles, but he's got one thing HUGE going for him: Time with the Shanahans. Foles got to spend some quality one-on-one with Mike and Kyle in this year's Senior Bowl. Watching the Senior Bowl, I was somewhat unimpressed, but seeing him play throughout the season was the kicker for me. He had some good throws while stationary, but was pretty crappy on the run. With Kyle's scheme holding quite a few boots, I would love to see him improve while on the move. But I won't be picky... Well, yes I will.I deserve to be, I'm a Redskins fan.

Coryell Judie, CB, Texas A&M: A track-star-turned-gridiron warrior, Judie could address some of the depth problems in the Redskins secondary. He's 5-11, 190 lbs, and obviously pretty fast. His biggest flag for scouts will be his questioned 'loyalty' to the game. His first time on the gridiron was his senior year in high school. Another kicker for the Redskins, is his time as a return man. I, for one, would love to see a different number returning kicks.

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