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Redskins Draft Prep Round Six: Dwight Bentley or Johnnie Troutman?

I am assuming we have taken care of our main needs via free agency, and the early rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft. The later rounds are usually for depth, and special teams type players, with the occassional "diamond in the rough" prospect being mined. This year is no exception in the sixth round. I have narrowed my selection down to two players, who I feel can fill in both needs.

Dwight Bentley: CB Louisiana-Lafayette 5' 11" 179 - Bentley came to the Senior Bowl to show he can compete with the big boys, and compete he did. Bentley is a long, thin, rangy athlete, who isn't afraid to come up and hit, despite his slender frame. He has the height to be a presence on larger receivers, and the speed to stay with the quicker ones. He's more suited to play on the outside, as he tends to stay high in his backpedal, thus limiting his lateral quickness against slot receivers. He could be a great addition on special teams, and could work his way into a more prominent role down the road.

Johnnie Troutman: OG Penn State 6' 4" 314 - Troutman is another Senior Bowl prospect who may have shown the coaches some upside. Troutman is not a polished linemen, but he makes up for his lack of sound technique with good strength and surprisingly quick feet. He also has a mean streak that coaches like to see in offensive linemen. He will be best in a reserve role early, while he learns better technique and hand placement.