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How Shanahan Improved the Redskins Scouting Department

It's very rare for NFL teams to share information on how their scouting department works. Obviously, the Redskins are a team fans desperately want more intel on given the porous drafts the first decade of this millennium. Through all the coaching changes, the Redskins' scouting department has remained a constant. It definitely surprised me that when Shanahan wiped house with the coaching department, he left the scouting group pretty much intact (sorry Donny Warren).

Washington Times beat-writer, Rich Campbell, was able to score some quality one-on-one time with Scott Campbell, the Redskins Director of Player Personnel, at the Senior Bowl last week. I recommend reading the entire article, but here a few highlights:

Washington was one of the few teams that did not belong to one of the NFL's scouting co-operatives. Joining one "was the first thing on my list," Campbell said. Shanahan was shocked the Redskins were not members of any, so with his full support they joined BLESTO. BLESTO is a co-operative among which seven teams - Buffalo, Detroit, Jacksonville, Minnesota, the New York Giants, Pittsburgh and Washington - share evaluations of prospects, including performance on the field, medical information, family history and height and weight specifics. "It gets you on a level playing field with everybody else, getting the same information," Campbell said.

Who needs BLESTO when you have VINNY? sigh. Campbelll also communicated that the scouts are heard more now as well:

"The scouts enjoy working with coach Shanahan through the draft more than anybody we've had because he continues up to draft day asking their opinions," Campbell said. "A lot of times you kind of have a meeting, you sit down and go through the reports, you give your meeting and that's the last time the decision-makers ever come back to the scouts.

"The fact that he will continually meet again and meet again and meet again asking their opinions - and even on draft day asking their opinions - gets them excited and motivated. They feel like they're participating."

It's not hard to read between the lines on this one. I think it's safe to say the scouts were not asked again about Malcolm Kelly. Either way, that's then and this is now. Continuity within the Redskins organization is finally here.