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The Franchise Tag and the Redskins

There has been a lot of discussion around the league of who will warrant a franchise tag this upcoming season. Over the next couple of weeks and months we will certainly go into more detail about each Redskins free agent, but lets take a look at the projected cost of franchising some of our own players.

LaRon Landry, Safety
Projected Franchise Tender: $6.22M - $6.459M
Projected Transition Tender: $5.391M - $5.599M

Landry has been the most talked about potential franchise tag player for the Skins. Many feel he has not earned a long term deal and the franchise tag could benefit the Skins by giving Landry another year to get healthy. For under $6.5 million the franchise tag option may not be as steep as predicted for Bruce Allen and his salary cap.

London Fletcher, LB
Projected Franchise Tender: $8.843M - $9.183M
Projected Transition Tender: $7.869M - $8.171M

If Fletcher wants to go at it another year, and it sounds like he does, then the Redskins should bend over backwards to give him whatever he wants. To say he's earned it is an understatement. It wouldn't make the most sense, but the Skins could franchise Fletcher for around $9 million.

Fred Davis, TE
Projected Franchise Tender: $5.416M - $5.624M
Projected Transition Tender: $4.673M - $4.852M

Davis certainly doesn't deserve a big contract after his off the field actions this year, but franchising the tight end who made less than $500,000 this year (due to the suspension) could be a far fetched option.

Rex Grossman, QB: Just kidding, but for those interested in what it would cost the Packers to franchise Matt Flynn then here are the numbers:
Projected Franchise Tender: $14.374M - $14.926M
Projected Transition Tender: $12.409M - $12.886M

Steep to say the least on the quarterbacks. All of these numbers, along with a lot of other good "front office" information can be found on FootballOutsiders.