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Who Should Replace LaRon Landry?

Yesterday Ryan O'Halloran said that the Redskins have basically given up on safety Laron Landry and they are ready to send him and his monkey Gucci packing. I say good riddance! Landry was/is uber talented, but the man just can't stay healthy. Furthermore I can't deal with the celebrations and on-field antic of "Not-so Dirty 30" after giving up big plays. I'm not sure if the "30" stands for his roster number or the number of yards he surrenders per play.

You're going to hear a lot of Skins fan say something to the tune of, "we have to keep our high picks" or "but he's going to be really good elsewhere". Who cares! If the guy doesn't want to be here then... PEACE OUT! This isn't a situation like Carlos Rogers and the FO. Laron points a finger at the Skins training staff, but seriously, Laron, who knows your body best? Stand up for yourself. It's sad really, if Laron had his brother's head (Dawan) then he may have been one of the best safeties we've ever seen.

The question is, who do we get to replace Landry?

We could go the college route where Mark Barron, Harrison Smith, and Antonio Allen are the highest ranked safeties. Or we can go the FA route where guys like Chris Harris, Tyvon Branch, Tom Zbikowski, and others are lurking. I mean, seriously, who doesn't want to trade in their Landry jersey for a fresh Zbikowski shirt?

One thing is for sure, the Skins are in good hands especially with Raheem Morris. A suitable replacement will be found, I'm not worried about that at all. Perhaps this is even an opportunity to add some more depth. The best news is that we likely have one less moron in the locker room and on the field for the Skins.