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Senior Bowl North Team Practice Report:

This was my first real look at the North squad, but I came away impressed with a number of players. You can find my full report here!, but I wanted to highlight a couple players that could interest the Redskins.

-First Look at Mike Adams and I was impressed. He really controls the line of scrimmage and is dictating the path of the defender. He does well against both speed and power rushes.

-Brian Quick was really impressive today, just a fantastic athlete. He shows great strength in muscling for the ball. He needs to get cleaner breaks and sometimes has an extra step in there, but overall I thought he showed the speed and size to develop into a number 1 down the road.

-Marvin McNutt was also impressive, showed deceptive speed and separation (though needs to be more consistent in this area). Caught the ball well overall, though there was one or two other balls that were contested that I would have liked to have seen him come down with. Overall good day, but could have been great.

-DeVier Posey was disappointing today, never seemed to catch the ball cleanly with his hands. It would either be a double catch, or a body catch. Showed nice quickness and cutting ability, but couldn’t finish plays.

-Mike Martin is just a force inside. He has a great base, gets of the snap quickly and plays low. He seems to get leverage on every single play, and allows his strength to really speak for him. He still needs to do better against the pass in countering and disengaging, but looks really good so far.

-Leonard Johnson plays the ball really well, and he looked really fluid in the positional drills. Really played the bigger receivers well despite giving up 5-7 inches.

-George Illoka is big, and he runs like a horse. Wraps up well, and has nice lines of pursuit. He broke on one ball in the scrimmage and had a really nice INT. Not the cleanest in coverage, but shows enough to think that he can start.

*Feel free to ask questions or use this space to talk about Senior Bowl players, I'll try to answer your questions later tonight. HTTR!

Steve Shoup will be covering Senior Bowl Live this year for his own site, but will provide write-ups on players for the Redskins here on Hogs Haven as well. Check out his NFL Draft Page for more details and updates throughout the draft season! HTTR!