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LaRon Landry Ops Not to Have Surgery on Achilles (Sort Of)

Update: Via Grant Paulsen: "Just reached LaRon Landry via phone. Says he hasn't made a decision on surgery yet. He's waiting to see how Achilles responds to treatment. Landry hopes to know within the next 6 weeks whether or not he will need surgery. He is hoping his Achilles responds to new treatment."

This surely won't sit well with Redskins fans. Via Grant Paulsen:

Mike Shanahan says LaRon Landry has elected not to have surgery on his Achilles. #Redskins

It's tough for me to form a strong opinion here since I have no idea what Landry's doctors are telling him. If Landry wasn't a free agent, would the team make him do it? Can a team make him do it? Either way, Landry has been on IR in back to back years. He played 9 games in 2010 and 8 games this season. It's hard to be optimistic that he'll both recover fully from his injury AND want to return to the Redskins.

Landry tweeted his frustration with the Redskins medical staff regarding his groin injury, which he later apologized for:

"Uuhhh oo it ain't my fault...blame the genius circus staff for the rush. wouldve been there 2wks ago. Im [sorry] but saga [continues]" Landry tweeted.