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List of Former Redskins on Super Bowl Bound Giants and Patriots Rosters

It's safe to say that Redskins fans, myself include, detesting seeing former Redskins players that couldn't put it together here do well elsewhere. Devin Thomas made two key fumble recoveries yesterday, but being a gunner isn't exactly what's expected from a 2nd round draft pick. Andre Carter is a guy who is easy to root for. He showed up to work every day and was simply was a casualty of the system. It's so unfortunate we won't get to watch him play on Super Sunday.

If there's any silver lining here, at least we don't have to risk watching Haynesworth making a key play to win the Super Bowl. I'm sure he's on a boat somewhere with no clue football is still going on.

Active: Devin Thomas
IR: Justin Tryon (broken wrist)
Practice Squad: RB Andre Brown, Tackle Selvish Capers
Coaches: Jesse Armstead (Player Development Consultant), OL Coach Pat Flaherty (Redskins TE coach in 2000), TE Coach Michael Pope (Redskins TE Coach 1997-1999), DL Coach Robert Nunn (Redskins DLine Coach in 2003).
IR: Andre Carter

  • WR Domenik Hixon was active for 4 games with Denver under Mike Shanahan in 2007.
  • Since 2000, Redskins have 4 regular season wins over the eventual Super Bowl Champions (2010 Green Bay, 2007 Giants, 2003 Pats, and 2000 Ravens). If the Giants win the Super Bowl, that'll be league-leading 5. Bizarre.
  • Another interesting (rather well known) story line: Pat's DLine Coach, Pepper Johnson, has been with Belichick for 12 years now and of course had an illustrious career with the Giants. Pepper now has five Super Bowl rings. His Aunt gave him the nickname "Pepper" since she noticed he liked to sprinkle pepper on his cereal as a kid.

(H/T for help on the NYG coaches)