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Carlos Rogers: "So many guys is ready to leave" (the Redskins)

Barry Svrluga, a columnist for the Washington Post, is in San Francisco this week covering the NFC Championship and had a chance to talk to Carlos Rogers. Yep, you know where this is going:

"It's so crazy when you're in an organization, where other coaches and other players see how good you are, see the potential, and your own organization that you've been with for six years don't do the right stuff to get that out of a player," Rogers said. "I've had so many coaches saying: ‘You've had an incredible year. I know you're glad to be out of Washington because there's so much stuff going on.' It was amazing, just the respect factor."

OK, so that's old news. We got that.

"I wanted this in Washington," Rogers said. "I didn't want to be bouncing around from team to team. It didn't work out in Washington. I got another chance, and it's working out."

I do believe that. But this is where the bus goes veering off the road and into a ditch:

"People say I wasn't happy. It's just because I spoke out. But it was the truth. It was the truth. And I'm gone. So what is it now? It's still stuff going on. I know the guys on the team, so many guys is ready to leave. So many guys."

That last comment is a total mind f*ck. All off-season we listen to players and their reasoning why this team's squad will turn it around. "Shanahan brings Super Bowl legacy."..."It's our second year in the system, guys don't have to think as much." On and on. So, who's ready to leave I can't help but turn my attention to. They are surely the players that are suffering through this losing era and not getting paid, right? Rocky McIntosh and DHall come to mind. I could name others, but what good would it do? Carlos is right. No one wants to be part of a team that has had one winning record since 2006.