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Will Rex Grossman be a Redskin in 2012?

Rex Grossman finished his ninth NFL campaign with more interceptions than touchdowns, a completion percentage below 60, and a quarterback rating of about 72. If you'll remember back to late July, Grossman was offered a multi-year deal from the Redskins, but turned the deal down in favor of a one year contract. Many would find the perplexing, so why would Rex make such a deal.

I believe if Rex Grossman wants to be back in Washington next year then he'll be welcomed back with open arms. But does Rex want to come back. Does he want to mentor a young quarterback or does he want to chase a ring as a backup for a contender? This year has shown has truly shown the value of a solid backup quarterback all around the league. As much as we continually use Rex as a punchline (it's pretty easy), he would still be a very solid and highly sought after backup, in my opinion. Also remember in the Redskins situation that John Beck is still under contract for one more season.