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Mike Holmgren Says Redskins Should Trade Up For a Quarterback

Mike Holmgren
Mike Holmgren

Every week between now and the draft, I have committed to putting together an argument for why the Redskins should trade down. You get a break from that this week.

Why, you ask? Quick story...

I am sitting at the bar in an Italian restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona (Tomaso's--I recommend the gnocchi). I get into the inevitable sports conversation with the bartender and my blind D.C. homerism shines through. As it turns out the maitre d' is also a diehard Redskins fan. As we are talking draft strategy, offseason moves and the glory days, the bartender points out that Mike Holmgren is having dinner a few tables away.

I felt a little stupid to be honest with you. It was late and the restaurant was maybe 20% full. Mike Holmgren is not a small man. As I look over, sure enough, there is the larger than life GM of the Cleveland Browns, having dinner with his wife.

He got up from the table a very short time later to leave and the bartender and maitre d' were kind of enough to direct him over to me (Kevin, I swear I did not leave the bar area and stalk him).

I had one chance to ask him a question, and I had to think quick. After introducing myself as a Redskins fan, I asked Holmgren, "Do the Redskins have any business trading up for a quarterback given all the holes they have on their roster right now?"

Without ANY hesitation, Mike Holmgren answered, "Absolutely...oh yeah. For that quarterback? Definitely." It just seemed to be implied that we were talking about Robert Griffin III.

DAMN!!! As many of you know, I have employed a rather firm rule when it comes to Mike Holmgren. He was the reason I was so blindly convinced Jim Zorn would be a good coach. He is the reason I have always been such a strong Matt Hasselbeck supporter. He is the reason why I firmly believe I could look good with a moustache and about 100 more pounds.

Dare I go against Mike Holmgren on this issue? I am so torn. He was so sure of his answer.

The good news for me: I DON'T THINK WE HAVE TO WORRY ANYMORE ABOUT US TRADING UP. I am convinced that there is no way the Cleveland Browns aren't moving up for Robert Griffin. There was something in Holmgren's voice and demeanor when he answered. He very clearly loves RG3. (This is not breaking news, as many are suggesting the Browns are going to make a move for Griffin. I just had the luxury of looking into Holmgren's eyes as he spoke about RG3. And Kevin--I can't stress this enough--there was nothing creepy about the way I looked into Holmgren's eyes.)

And before you say it--I don't think that Holmgren was trying to head fake me. He has no idea who I am--like most (all) of the general managers in the league. He loves Griffin. Colt McCoy...maybe not so much.

Congratulations St. are going to get paid well to move down two freaking spots.