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Ten Yard Fight--"Would You Rather?" Redskins Home Game

This week's theme--brevity--remains in place. Here are ten Redskins-based "Would You Rather" questions to ponder and debate. Remember the rules of the game--you have to pick one or the other. Every question is potentially awful with no favorable choice. That is why we play the game.

Would You Rather:

1. Norv Turner or Kyle Shanahan as offensive coordinator

2. Danny Smith or Someone New as special teams coordinator

3. FedEx Field or stadium in DC

4. Rex Grossman or 2012 rookie as backup quarterback in 2012 (key word--backup)

5. Matt Flynn or Carson Palmer as veteran acquisition in offseason

6. Giants or Patriots as Super Bowl champions

7. Sonny, Sam and Larry or Kevin and I as radio game announcers

8. Tim Tebow or Rex Grossman as your starting quarterback in 2012 (key word--starter)

9. Mike Martz or Hue Jackson as offensive coordinator

10. Trade up for Matt Kalil or Justin Blackmon (assuming you would have to trade up to get both)