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Redskins Open with 100-1 Odds to Win 2013 Super Bowl

Getty Images for Epic Poker

Via National Football Post, the Las Vegas Hilton opened up the 2013 Super Bowl betting season releasing their first set of odds. The Redskins, to my actual surprise, are tied for LAST with the Rams, Jags, and Browns with 100-1 odds.

Last place.

That's a bit hard to believe for me, but given the QB situation, it makes sense. The high percentage odds are that either Grossman or a Rookie QB will be leading this offense next year. Odds of a Super Bowl win are probably higher than 100/1. Of course, there's a chance the Redskins sign a FA QB, and the Glory Years return, and we all ride unicorns down Constitution Avenue in celebration. Back to reality. With the state of the Redskins defense, I'd have no problem throwing a $20 bet on this one. I mean, if Flacco and Alex Smith can generate enough offense to make it to a title game, why not Beck, Grossman, Crompton, our new QB!

Other notables:

Packers: 5/1
Saints: 6/1
Pats: 8/1
Eagles: 12/1
Giants, Cowgirls: 20/1