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Could the Saints loss be the Redskins gain?

For the second year in a row the New Orleans Saints season ended on the west coast. Last year they were eliminated in the playoffs by the Seahawks and this year they fell victim to the 49ers? But where does the team go from here and could the Redskins potentially benefit from the Saints failing to get to the top of the mountain for the second year in a row?

Drew Brees: Brees is a free agent and the chances of him leaving New Orleans is .000000000001%, but we've seen crazier things happen. Maybe Brees is a big believer in the Mayans and wants to finish his life playing in the most powerful city in the world? Like I said, not happening, but why not stir the pot a little and take a stab at it? Keep an eye on Redskin-1.

Gregg Williams: Rumor is that Williams will follow his old pal Jeff Fisher to the Rams. So where does this leave the Saints and more importantly could this sway some of their impending free agents? Shaun Rogers and Aubrayo Franklin are both, once again, free agents. Could the Skins feel a need to beef up the nose tackle rotation and add some depth? Also if the Skins are looking to add some depth in the defensive backfield perhaps 25 year old Tracy Porter could be a good fit in DC?

Marques Colston: The Saints are going to have to break the bank for Brees, so could that open up the Redskins to grab his top target? Six year NFL veteran and Hofstra product Marques Colston will hit the open market this year. When healthy Colston is a matchup nightmare for defensive backs. He would be a tremendous asset to the Skins and the redzone target we have been looking for for years.

Robert Meachem: Meachem is a 6'2 target that could also help out the Skins. The former first rounder is 27 years old and has averaged 660 yards and nearly seven touchdowns per year over the past three seasons.

Carl Nicks: It's pretty rare that a 26 year old, all-pro guard would hit the open market, but it could happen this year with four year veteran Carl Nicks. Nicks would be a huge upgrade and would likely have to accept a hometown discount to stay in New Orleans, due to the money they doled out to keep Jahri Evans. Nicks would be a HUGE pickup for the Skins.