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Wes Bunting Talks RG3 and Blackmon, Specifically Their Fit in Washington

Our friends over at Ball Hogs Radio have an impressive, weekly podcast on Tuesday nights talking D.C. sports. They've had some quality guests as of late, and one that interested me greatly was National Football Post's Director of Scouting, Wes Bunting. The interview is posted here, and below is the transcript of Bunting's breakdown on Blackmon and Robert Griffin III, specifically with their fit in Washington:

BHR: Who does Justin Blackmon compare to in the NFL?

Wes Bunting: "An Anquan Boldin type on steroids. I think he runs a little better, but he's a little bit better of a vertical threat, but he's that same type of guy where he can run those inward breaking routes. We saw it [in his bowl game] work that 3-step game on the slant, catch the football with those big hands and long arms, break a tackle, and then Sterling Sharpe it right up the field. Breakaway from coverage. That's what he does. Plus, with those long arms and deceptive speed, he can shrug off press coverage if corners want to get physical. Attack the football at its' highest point. He has ideal body control and balance for a big guy. I can see him playing the Z on the strong side and playing the X as a split end. I think he'll play both jobs because he can beat press and be physical in the run game. If they can't get a top-tier QB, than Blackmon makes a lot of sense...You know what you're getting. There's not too much unknown about his game."

(We know how much the Shannys love to move their WRs around and it's glaringly obvious Redskins have no current, starting WRs with breakaway speed. The conversation switches to RG3 and what the Redskins need to do to trade up)...

Wes: They'd have to give up their 6th round pick and either a 2nd round pick and then a player, or another first round pick. I think that would do it...Robert Griffin III, if he was in last year's draft class, I would have graded had him out as the top overall Quarterback. Ahead of Cam Newton. Ahead of Christian Ponder. I like him that much.

BHR: Break that down a little more:

Wes: "Robert Griffin is a guy with elite athletic ability who can create both inside and outside the pocket. You have a guy that can make all the throws, that is quick footed, that can reset his feet, he finds secondary reads. The game comes very natural to him. Much like Cam Newton. Granted, he's not the same size and doesn't have quite the same, elite arm strength but they are both top tier athletes and top tier throwers at the position. Unlike Cam Newtown, there's absolutely no off-the-field issues or on-the-field character concerns....Robert Griffin, both of his parents I believe are officers in the Army, he comes from a good home, strong, morally sound kid that puts in the work, had developerd from his Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Year, a high hurdler, high marks...Do I think he's going to have the same type of year - elite, best-ever rookie Quarterback in the NFL like Cam Newton? Probably not, but as a prospect coming out I'd feel a lot more comfortable with RG3 than I did Cam Newton last year."

!!!!A QB that can read a secondary!!! (my mouth starts watering). When's the last time we had one of those???? I guess Mark Brunell, but he didn't have the arm strength to get it to the secondary past 2006.

OK, Skins fans. Let's put this scenario to play. Would you be OK with trading up two first's for Griffin? (I can already envision the comments section now: "I'm definitely OK with swapping firsts with STL and giving them our 2nd round pick and <<DHall/Landry/Atogwe/Kyle Shanahan>>")

One last note, Bunting mentioned Notre Dame WR, Michael Floyd, struggles with press coverage, which is the same reason Anthony Armstrong can't get on the field. Blackmon is listed at 6'1.