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Chris Cooley Art Gallery Robber Is a Darwin Award Nominee

Cooleydarwin_mediumAbout a week ago, Chris Cooley's (for charity) Art gallery was robbed. What was reported was that someone broke the glass front door and stole a cash register (and no pottery). Chris Cooley was on the Junkies this morning and gave the comical update from the detective on the case:

The deal was he smashed through the front door. I guess he was intoxicated. He left blood all over the gallery.  He went in and took a computer and the cash register - left finger prints everywhere. He figured out the computer was just a computer and not a safe, so he smashed that and left it [and then] walked out the back alley way. He made his way to the front steps of the Leesburg courthouse, which has the only video surveillance in the area. Sits down. He smashes the cash register 6 times before he succeeds. Before he gets all the money picked up, he passes out. [everyone is laughing at this point]

He slept for about 15 minutes. Continued to pick up the money, left some change, Left all the debris and and stumbled off.

I mean...does it get any dumber than this? Chris said there was about $300 in the register, which sounds about right for an art store, or any store really these days since everyone on the planet uses credit/debit cards these days.

One can listen to the interview on 106.7 THE FAN's website here.