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Daily Slop: Redskins Practice Bubble on Hold; Redskins vs Rams Scouting Reports

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St. Louis hopeful for increased workload for Steven Jackson - ESPN
"You can tell he's still not full speed, but he is getting there," Spagnuolo said. "That's a positive sign. I don't think he's 100 percent, but he is getting there. Every day he is getting better and better."

The Redskins Blog | Chris Cooley, Offense’s Renaissance Man
"I like playing fullback. Pretty much just about every part, except for lining up about 10 yards away from somebody, and both of us running straight at each other and smashing heads. It’s part of the game, and I’ll definitely do it," he added with a smile, "but I’m not gonna say that I love it."

Redskins’ practice bubble application still pending - The Insider 
The team’s application for construction of the facility remains under review by the Loudoun County Department of Building Development and the first block of foundation has yet to be laid.

Sav Rocca moving on from botched hold - The Insider 
"I pride myself on my holding and that’s the first drop that I’ve had in five years," Rocca said

The Redskins Blog | Special Teams Still A Work In Progress
Shanahan: "Our holder is probably as good a holder as I have seen since I’ve been in the NFL.  I’ve never seen a guy that consistent, so for him not to put it down perfectly is probably something that he hasn’t done in a long time."

Kyle Shanahan explains lack of 4th quarter run plays - Insider
"To me, when you have a one-point lead with seven minutes left, and you’re on your 15-yard line, that is not a time to run out the clock. You need to do whatever you think you can to move the chains. With what the defense was doing at the time, we did what we thought was best to move the chains."

The Redskins Blog | Slick Footing Launches ‘Turfgate’ Scandal
Hightower: "I can’t speak for anybody else, but for whatever reason, I feel like I had a good warmup, but then, for whatever reason, I fell a couple of times during the game."

HomerMcFanboy " deangelo hall is not a problem child
"I definitely feel that was a football game we should have won. I was pretty frustrated. The Cowboys might actually send me a bill. I broke a couple of things down there, so I don’t know if I’m going to get billed for that."

Race for Rookie of the Year - D-Line Dominating |
Ryan Kerrigan ranked #11.

Expert's Take: Redskins vs. Rams | John Keim | NFL | Washington Examiner
"The best way to beat Rex because of his size and he doesn’t have the mobility, you pressure him because he has to have the sight lines. If you pressure him and take that away, that’s how you take away the flow of the game. But from what I’ve seen of Washington they’re good at handling pressure. And I don’t see St. Louis having the kind the caliber of players that can create the type of pressure that Dallas did."

What we know: Scouting the Rams | John Keim
St. Louis is last in the NFL defending the run - Haslett defends use of blitz
"It's a great defense," Haslett said. "[Romo] just started running for his life and he kind of threw it up in the air. They made a play and we didn't. It's one of those deals. Would you take it back? Of course you would. Coaches always second-guess themselves, but it's still a great defense."

Brandon Banks Girlfriend(s) Seem Like A Lot Of Fun | Fatpickled
This is fantastic.

The Ravens plan to use Terrell Suggs at fullback - Shutdown Corner

The bus full of strippers outside Lions games might be illegal - Shutdown Corner
The Booty Lounge is a mobile strip club that parks in the Eastern Market, a spot for tailgating near Ford Field. Patrons pay $10 to sit on one side of the bus, and the other side features a couple of mini-stages and poles where young women dance in various states of undress. All of this happens just feet away from dozens of other more traditional tailgates.

Antonio Garay: The nose tackle who drives a Hello Kitty smart car - Yahoo!
A rather entertaining picture.

Tony La Russa’s daughter injured herself, is no longer a Raiderette - Shutdown Corner
3 herniated disks?! Damn. She's still got her looks!

Patriots' Logan Mankins at practice; Albert Haynesworth sits out - ESPN Boston
Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who missed Sunday's game in Buffalo with a back injury and was a limited participant in Wednesday's session, was not spotted for the media access portion of Thursday's practice.

Donovan McNabb of Minnesota Vikings defends motion, footwork - ESPN
Is it possible, or part of NFL protocol, to teach an old quarterback new tricks?