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STL Rams Video Teaching Their Fans How to Cheer Is Depressingly Awesome

Parks passed along this video earlier to me this week and at the expense of another team's misery, I'm happy to promote this. If you think Fedex Field is a bad experience, you seriously have no idea. The St. Louis Rams posted this video on their website as way to pump up fans and encourage a baseball town to not only care about the Rams, but also how to cheer for them. Wait, what? As a prerequisite, a friend of mine road-tripped to the Redskins-Rams game last year and was in shock of how little the city knew about the Rams (and football for that matter).

Are these the fans a team really wants promoting the team? An 80-year old lady? I allowed Turf Show Times to give a rebuttal/explanation, which is after the jump.

Earlier versions of Ram Rules can be seen here, which are equally depressing. 

"When the kicker makes a field goal, yell "FIELD GOAL!!" When the kicker makes an extra point, yell "EXTRA POINT!!!" They then go on to say it's OK to leave at the 3rd to beat traffic. Oh. my.

Here is Ryan Van Bibber, the lead writer at SB Nation Turf Show Times, response

Ugh. What a terrible thing to have to see. If you post that, you might as well post the old "Ram It!" video from the 80s. Sell outs haven't exactly been commonplace for the Rams lately. I think the marketing department just wanted to make sure a city full of baseball fans knew what to do when the Rams tool the field. Last week's game against Baltimore proved that Rams fans knew exactly what to do. They booed the team relentlessly from start to finish, including a shower of jeers as they marched into the locker room at half time that would have made Philadelphia fans blush. 

Some people made a response to the Rams Rules...rules 6-10

I'm sorry, Ryan. I cannot include the video of "Ram It!" since it is from the LA Rams.