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Week 4 Redskins Power Rankings

Source This Week Last Week Comments
Com 16 15
Despite losing to Dallas, this team is going to be in the mix in the NFC East. Who would've thought that?
Fox-sports_medium 13 15
This defense flies around the field and plays inspired football, and the return of DB LaRon Landry only makes them better. On offense, they move the ball down the field with ease, but need to convert in the red zone.
Sb-nation-news-1_medium 13 13 The Redskins were a field goal away from moving to 3-0. They have the 0-3 Rams next week before the bye and then another big divisional game against the Eagles.
Ovi_cbsports_icon_256x256_comp_v1-46x46_medium 13 13 That defense is keeping them in the games. It's too bad the offense couldn't get it in the end zone more than once at Dallas.
Logo-cnnsi_medium 13 14 I had a chat with Daniel Snyder the day I visited Redskins camp and he told me people were going to be surprised by Washington this season. I told Snyder I thought his team would max out at seven or eight wins this year, and third place in the NFC East was as high as it could aspire to. It's still early, and the Redskins let one get away the other night in Dallas, but so far Snyder's read on things looks more accurate than mine. How's that for being magnanimous to one of my favorite punching bags?
Yahoo_meta_logo_large_medium 18 14
The Cowboys showed us that pressure is still the best bet to shake up Rex Grossman(notes).
Football Outsiders 15
13 N/A
The Skins are who we thought they were! And now they head into STL for a match-up that will be tougher than it looks on paper. Power Poll 14 13 FYI: This poll is comprised of numerous analyst and writers around the NFL
National Football Post 18
The Cowboys showed us that pressure is still the best bet to shake up Rex Grossman. 16 13 2-1 Despite the loss, it was good to see LaRon Landry back.


Hogs Haven Power Rankings after the jump...

1. Green Bay Packers: Packers escaped with a win in Chicago and climb to #1.
2. New Orleans Saints: The Saints fell behind early but showed why they're a force in coming back to beat the Texans
3. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens came back after a Week 2 defeat to totally humiliate the Rams on the road.
4. Detroit Lions: Coming back, on the road, against a division opponent...impressive
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Big divisional win for the Bucs this week to put the Falcons in an early hole
6. Buffalo Bills: The Bills beat the Pats for a first time in a LONG time, but can they hold this pace?
7. New England Patriots: Pats are still the team to beat in the AFC East, despite a set back in Buffalo.
8. Houston Texans: Tough loss for the Texans on the road in N'arleans, they look to rebound against the Steelers this week.
9. San Diego Chargers: Wasn't pretty against KC, but a win is a win is a...well you get the point
10. Pittsburgh Steelers
: Stillers barely take out a Curtis Painter led Colts squad.
11. New York Jets
12. Dallas Cowboys
13. Oakland Raiders
14. Washington Redskins
15. New York Giants
16. Chicago Bears
17. Tennessee Titans
18. Cleveland Browns
19. Philadelphia Eagles
20. Atlanta Falcons
21. San Francisco 49ers
22. Carolina Panthers
23. Jacksonville Jaguars
24. Seattle Seahawks
25. Arizona Cardinals
26. Denver Broncos
27. Cincinnati Bengals
28. Kansas City Chiefs
29. Miami Dolphins
30. St. Louis Rams
31. Indianapolis Colts
32. Minnesota Vikings