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Daily Slop: Redskins Links Roundups

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Week 3: What we learned about the Redskins | John Keim 
Of Dallas' 375 total yards, 223 came on 10 plays. The Cowboys had seven gains of at least 20 yards, including a 40-yard run.

The Redskins Blog | Game Statistics That Tell The Tale
Time of possession: 28:24 yesterday vs. 35:33 in each of the first two weeks.

Why did the Redskins call a time out with 2:03 left in the 4th Q? – Blogging the bEast
I agree with was a dumb timeout.

The Redskins Blog | Shanahan Not Letting Team Dwell On Loss
"You find out what type of football team you got," he said after the game.

The Redskins Blog | Grossman: We Need To Finish Drives

At least they’re no longer ‘boring’: Loss to Cowboys, Hall’s rant brings drama back to Redskins - WaPost
"I don’t think this team’s going to take a huge lesson from this loss," tight end Chris Cooley said. "I think the only thing we can say is ‘find a way to finish.’ It’s cursed us since I’ve been here."

Did the Redskins abandon the run? - Real Redskins


Re-Focused - Redskins @ Cowboys, Week 3 |
According to PFF, Trent Williams, Chris Chester, and Jammal Brown had horrible games. Maybe you guys can help me figure this one out.

Analysis: Numbers tell the Donovan McNabb story: Vikings quarterback doesn't add up -
Granted, Donovan McNabb isnt exactly 2009 Brett Favre when it comes to resurrecting his career in Year 1 with the Vikings.

The Vikings Should Give Up on Donovan McNabb | NBC Washington

Former Saints DB Steve Gleason now battling ALS; team honors him in surprise tributes - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports

The Romo Follies | NBC Washington
The Cowboys may have walked away with the win on Monday night, but if these animated gifs are any indication, they certainly didn't earn it.

San Francisco 49ers unveil grand designs for planned stadium - ESPN
First look at the new stadium.

London Fletcher on the 3rd-and-21 - DC Sports Bog
"I was supposed to [run] some kind of quick route because of the blitz," Dez Bryant said. "And D-Hall, it was good coverage. I’m just standing there. Tony getting blitzed. I stand there, because I think he needs somebody to dump the ball off to, and Tony tells me to run upfield, so I did it. And next thing you know I turn around, I see the ball up in the air. I just had to snatch it. I didn’t care if D-Hall was behind me or not, I just had to block him out and snatch it."

Kornheiser and Wilbon on London Fletcher’s pre-game speech - DC Sports Bog
PTI co-stars describe the linebacker’s screaming message as ‘T.O.’esque’ and ‘unoriginal.’

I’m Not One To Be Played Games With Or Lied To By Washington Redskin LaRon Landry
Some groupie supposedly spills the beans on Landry's love life. news: Portis leaves Cincinnati without a contract offer
The Cincinnati Bengals worked out veteran running backs Clinton Portis and Larry Johnson on Tuesday.