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Game Ball of the Week Goes To??

Man, I'm not a fan of doing this weekly post after a loss. Especially that of an ugly game. There were some players that stood out, so let's get voting here:

  • Trent Williams: He kept DeMarcus Ware in check the first three quarters of the game until Rob Ryan moved Ware over Jammal Brown. Trent Williams did get beaten on the spin move, but he even said, "I've never seen that move on film."
  • Graham Gano: He stroked every kick he had a chance of making and every kickoff went for a touchback.
  • Stephen Bowen: He continues to succeed at his dirty work job of taking on two OLineman, but he made some noticeable plays to stop some runs.
  • Honorable mentions: Laron Landry, London Fletcher, Kevin Barnes.